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Car Wars #ConnectedCars


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Trends that will change BPM in years to come

There is a nice discussion that is on at (the most popular BPM Forum)

Thinking loud on the topic :

If we see most of the BPM products in the market, definitely its pretty loud and clear that the capabilities like

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Cloud and
  • Real Time Data Analytics or Predictive

..have already been exploited.

  • The “data” is one such thing which will always prevail till the existence of any enterprise – so any new happening in the data front will directly effect the BPM Trends (as it goes with the current buzzword of BigData). Its not about piggy-backing on data innovation and dependent on their progress instead the approach should be to go hand in hand.
  • Cloud” and its offerings will also take part in the race – though cloud is around for some time, still people are a bit skeptical when it comes to Security, Data Privacy and Availability. It is a feel good factor to see the data center and a bunch of people monitoring and making a noise about it with the application deployed on-premise than on the cloud. So,its more about a cultural and emotional change that will drive it.
  • Since the inception of BPM which mostly started with a “workflow model” has now engulfed and got clubbed with more than a couple of dozen enterprise innovations. So, any other New Innovation at an enterprise level will be a challenge and a feather in the cap for the BPM offering.
  • Lean BPM” which ‘mostly see these days – provides a good ground for experimentation, innovation and setting a trend.
  • ‘would also agree with Scott’s comment of dissolving the barrier/dependency between the Development and Operations team – which is yet another buzz word in the air “DevOps” – This will also play a crucial role in reducing the cost and time spent by an enterprise

This is one interesting point that was put forward by JaiSundar “Better understanding & application of BPM” – Very true, people are still struggling to figure out the best way to implement BPM, so definitely it will an on going activity if not a trend that can be badged!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Thought of the Day!! #MobileBPM

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Happy Thinking!! 🙂

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