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Core DNA of Digital Business/BPM

Are you suffering from “Digital Fever” ?

Common Symptoms:

  • ID-100158158Not happy with your existing AS-IS enterprise landscape and offerings
  • Want to have all the new trends and technologies in your TO-BE landscape and hit the market before your peers do so
  • Want to get a all new fresh feeling of the business and change everything overnight with a push button or a magic wand
  • Want to make better application customers experience in every possible way
  • Make everything possible with minimal impact to the wallet/revenue
  • Need all HIGH values for Operation Efficiency, RoI, Productivity, Customer Experience , Performance, User Base and everything else except for the Cost to Transform

Hang On!! ….You are not the Only One 🙂… its pretty common these days. It is a perception driven syndrome, that gets aggravated with hype and the buzz words. Sit Back with a pen and paper and dot down what exactly you needs, how it will be helpful, whom it is targeted for, is it inline with company’s vision and then map it with what is available in the technology stack to address it.

The word “Digital” is getting contagious day-by-day. And on a lighter note, it has become a Universal Prefix 🙂 . Every enterprise, business and society as a whole is getting smitten by it in some form or the other. And BPM is no exception here. The veterans and the newly mushroomed ones in the BPM Arena everyone is trying to package and offer some feature or the other as a part of the Product Kit – that will help customers in their vision of Digital Enterprise/Journey.

In addition to piggy-backing on the features provided by the BPM stack,every Enterprises and Business needs not just envision but at the same time assess/validate the enterprise’s ground reality:

  • What they really want as a part of Digital Enterprise?
  • What Digital means to them? (perception and needs differ)
  • What they are getting into?
  • What they are loosing and what they will gain?
  • Is the RoI justified?
  • Is it inline with the Business Focus areas and enhancing Customer Experience
  • …and many more!

In order to access and justify from a Digital Transformation Investment standpoint, it can be bench-marked and validated against the Core DNA of Digital BPM. Following is a highlight of the areas/features BPM can be collaborated with to help business and enterprises to leap forward in their Digital Journey. This is not an exhaustive list – but will get enriched as new technologies and trends are out in the wild.

Core DNA of Digital BPM

  • Extreme Business Flexibility & Agility
  • Constant Innovation & Radical Thinking
  • Extreme Automation & DevOpsID-10061975
  • Real Time & Direct Customer Engagement
  • Data Driven – using Actionable Insights/Analytics (+making sense from the unstructured data)
  • Proactive to Risks & Security Issues
  • Device Integration via IoT/Wearables
  • Social Media, Cloud and Mobility Adoption
  • Business Process re-engineering & optimization
  • Workforce Profitability (BYOD)
  • Gamification
  • Cognitive Computing / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine to Machine Communication
  • Developing Self-Healing Processes
  • APIfication (leveraging the API layer)
  • ….and many more!

Digital BPM can be defined as a BPM discipline that leverages digital capabilities and disruptive technologies to transform Business processes in the Operations as well as IT arena for achieving Business Objectives

Every adoption of the Digital Levers should have a justified Business Usecase in the enterprise landscape and must be backed up by an Assessment Report.

Digital BPM Transformation is a journey and cannot be considered like the old Onida TV Ad punch-line – “Neighbor’s Envy Owner’s Pride”

Digital BPM Transformation should always defined with the boundary conditions “Existing Enterprise Architecture” | “CPQ – Cost-Pace-Quality Factor” | “Customer Experience” | “Business Strategy/Needs

Digital BPM does not advocate “RIP & REPLACE” Approach across the enterprise, instead for speedy GTM (Go To Market) Strategy and reaping early business benefits “WRAP & RENEW” Approach can be adopted (by building wrapper services around obsolete/legacy systems)

Digital BPM Transformation should rather harness/leverage Disruptive Technologies than Disruptive Thoughts

Impact and Business Benefits of adopting Disruptive and Digital Levers:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience (Right Service at the Right Time for the Right Customer at the Right Place and via the Right Channel)
  • Security, Risks and Compliance
  • Revamped and New Business Models
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies

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Please feel free to provide your feedback and enrich it with your view points and thoughts.

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