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Bigdata & BPM!!

BigData“…”BigData“…”BigData“…the buzz is still in the air!!…The word which was so fancy and striking few days back has now taken the floor and grip of most of the international meets/conf/open forums.

There is a nice Report by McKinsey & Co. regarding the next frontier of innovation and competition

Agreed to the fact that as time passes by the volume of data would increase a million fold times and the quantitative change would definitely trigger the quality of the business we percieve it.

But,coming from a BPM background and having a soft corner towards it, was always curious where can this “bigdata” be clubbed with the “bpm” fraternity!! for meeting the goals of an enterprise.

Here were some nice read Articles and Reports – just thought of sharing :

MIT Slogan Review : 

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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