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Jumpstart MongoDB !!

Learning Mongo DB!!

Started to gear up and lean a NoSQL DB – Mongo DB. During the course of navigating and visiting multiple learning / training links – am collating the same for reference.

Please do post/comment and share any useful links you came across while kichstarting to learn MongoDB


Happy Learning 🙂


Google App Engine / Java Bookmarks!!

Whenever we start learning a new topic – it always becomes troublesome – where to start and what to follow. Here are some of the links – that I referred to when I started learning Google App Engine / Java. Please do correct me and help me enrich the bookmark list – if you have any additional info/updates.

Google App Engine Bookmarks :

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Few Handy Chrome Apps and Links

Was exploring the chrome webstore and came across some interesting Apps that can be used in our day-to-day activities

Please do share any interesting and handy Apps or links you have come across.

 Few Handy Chrome Apps :

  • For Meeting Notes and ToDo Tasks
    • Quick Note
    • Notty Notes
  • (Diagramly) for creating the following (ALL in ONE app)
    • UML, UI Mockups, FlowChart, Business Models, BPMN, ER Diagram, Mobile IOS graphics
  • For UI Mockups
    • Balsamiq Mockups
    • Moqups
    • Mobjectify – for Mobile App Mockups
  • LucidChart – for diagramming and creating dummy business flows that can be exported as image/pdf
  • Rigrr – a BPMN 2.0 free editor
    • Paste an existing BPMN xml
    • Export as image and xpdl
  • GitHub – handy link to the GitHub Repository
  • JSON Formatter
  • JSON Editor
  • Postman – REST Client
  • Advanced REST Client
  • RegExp Tester App
  • PDF Mergy
  • MagicScroll eBook Reader

NOTE : Non-Chrome Users can use these App Links/URLs as bookmarks for use

Happy Learning 🙂

BigData & Hadoop newbies – Bookmarks!!

Here are a few bookmarks for gearing up with Bigdata and hadoop from a newbies standpoint :

  • Big Data University:It has  a very rich repository of course materials (targeted for a beginner)
  • O’Reilly Webcast: An Introduction to Hadoop
  • Hadoop & Bigdata
  • Intro to Hadoop (#nice)
  • Big Data in Real Time
  • Realtime Analytics for Big Data: A Facebook Case Study

Some Useful Links :

Please do share any useful links and posts that might be helpful!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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