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Google Cloud Platform in the Enterprise ?

Google Cloud Platform in the enterprise, can it compete with AWS and Azure? – Original Article

Nice Read article.

Interesting perspective – dealing with customers and enterprise is a different game all together!!

There is no denial to the fact that Google is “THE SUPREMO” in the market when it comes to dealing with the End Customers and its Offerings. But does the same hold good with the Google’s Offering for the enterprise.

Few things that are really shadowing Google’s offering for enterprise :

  • Open Source focus
  • Failure in building a complete ecosystem around Cloud offering that is competitive
  • The enterprise code is just not restricted to Python and Java – it’s a lot more than that (adding more flavors Ruby, PHP etc)
  • The battle is no longer around base infrastructure-as-a-service (number of instance or how fast the computation is) – It is about the Additional Services it can Offer
  • Low Trust factor as an enterprise solution – with limited Fortune 500 companies it can boast of (though there have been lot of implementations already done)
  • Limited Integration solutions across multiple competitor products in the market – as a differentiator
  • Having a relationship with an enterprise is way different than having a relationship with a consumer
  • It has to come out of the tag-line “the advertising company” – with a new sticky value proposition. Enterprise does not like advertising.
  • Additionally few enterprise are happy to use IBM or Microsoft products across the organization – Just cant help!!

What’s Your Take ?

Please do correct me and provide your feedback with some valuable pointers at your end.

Happy Reading!! 🙂


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