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The BPM Brunch!

BPM is no more a Healthy Salad Diet of plain & bland Process & Rules. It has matured and become an amalgamation of all the disruptive technologies and digital trends. In a nutshell, it has become more of a  BRUNCH Meal.

The asks of the customers and market trends are cherry picked an packaged in a BPM Product – making it a self sufficient enterprise solution  [at times] but on a lighter note Bulkier too [day-by-day the size of the BPM Product Installable is getting increased]  🙂


BPM Products (these days), keep adding some new feature into their kitty to make life easy for the Business as well as IT stakeholders. With new disruptive technologies getting mushroomed everyday, BPM packaged tools provide some flavor or slice of the new technology/trend. Its no longer an a-la-carte menu kind of offering for enterprise, instead a Packaged Combo Meal serving a set of business audience or business challenges/pain-points.

The features that were the key drivers and engine of BPM a decade earlier [during its inception] are getting enhanced [no doubt about it] but at the same time getting shadowed by the competitive chaos and disruptive tech. trends.

For every customer the four-walls within which they can experiment and play around with technologies / trends are the following : [these become the key focus areas for BPM Product Vendors]

  • Un-parallel Customer Experience inline with the Enterprise Ux[User Experience]
  • Enterprise Architecture – Guidelines/Standards/Compliance
  • Cost-Pace-Quality [CPQ] Factor
  • Business Strategy & Workforce Productivity


When we are at the verge of bidding farewell to the current year and welcoming the New Year. The curious question that keeps popping / itching at this time of the year

  • “What are the BPM Predictions for the Next Year?” or
  • “What’s cooking for BPM, in the next year?” or
  • “What the Master-Chef BPM Product vendors have to Offer?”
  • “Is the coming Year going to be BPMlicious”

…Stay Tuned for the Next Post on BPM Predictions for 2017!

Please do share your comments, thoughts and suggestions !!

Happy Reading 🙂

Last Year’s Post : What are your Predictions for BPM 2016?

Image Source: Link1 [The intent of using the images was to pictorially share the thoughts and share the learning. Happy to share Credits for the photos and images] Some of the pics have been taken directly from my Breakfast Table 🙂


The WhatsApp Architecture Facebook Bought For $19 Billion


The WhatsApp Architecture Facebook Bought For $19 Billion

A very nice read – interesting article.

The day I heard about this new “Facebook acquiring WhatsApp with a tagged price of huge $19 Billion”, some of the questions that confused me were :

  • Why such a big price for an app which is just 4years old ?
  • Is it beacuse of the big userbase which WhatsApp has ?
  • Is it beacuse of the fear that the competitor Google will acquire it ?
  • Is it because of the underlying technology stack ?
  • If it is for the technology stack – then Facebook has a bunch of great minds who can create a similar App in a limited span of time ?
  • What is the underlying Technology stack and user-base strength that made WhatsApp so lucrative ?
  • Is FB the 1st company to go with this offer or WhatsApp was already approached with a similar offer in the past ?

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Image Source :

Note : Image edited (no offence meant – just for highlighting the info)

Architecture at a glance!!

Nice start to the weekend, exploring some of the finest Architectures in recent times :

  1. Flickr Architecture
  2. Facebook Architecture
  3. Youtube Architecture
  4. The Tumblr Architecture Yahoo Bought For A Cool Billion Dollars

  5. Tumblr Architecture – 15 Billion Page Views A Month And Harder To Scale Than Twitter
  6. Amazon Architecture
  7. Scaling Twitter: Making Twitter 10000 Percent Faster

  8. The Instagram Architecture Facebook Bought For A Cool Billion Dollars
  9. Instagram Architecture: 14 Million Users, Terabytes Of Photos, 100s Of Instances, Dozens Of Technologies
  10. Google Architecture

  11. Google Talk Architecture
  12. Pinterest Architecture Update – 18 Million Visitors, 10x Growth,12 Employees, 410 TB Of Data

  13. TripAdvisor Architecture – 40M Visitors, 200M Dynamic Page Views, 30TB Data
  14. Stackoverflow Architecture
  15. Linkedin Architecture

All time Favourites Link

Happy Architecting!! 🙂

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