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How Do You See the Relationship and Interplay Between AI and BPM in the next Few Years?

There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

MyPoV : How Do You See the Relationship and Interplay Between AI and BPM in the next Few Years?

The state we are in the BPM (Business Process Management) roadmap, was not realized overnight. It is getting enriched day-by-day by rattling with BPM in the enterprise playground with experience, learning, implementations, failures, scenarios and tagging along mushrooming disruptive technology trends. BPM with its inception as a process modeler/development /integration/orchestration/BAM etc. has matured as an enterprise wide platform to meet [more or less] the enterprise demands of transformation/mobility/decisioning/ACM/next best actions/mobility/social/analytics etc.

The same holds good for AI/Cognitive Computing. AI (“Artificial Intelligence”) is undoubtedly the “Nirvana” state which every enterprise/organization is trying to achieve as the final destination. But it does not happen over a blink of an eye, instead it is an evolving journey.

The journey to AI can be broadly classified as:

BASIC COMPUTING [scripts + repetitive steps in a single application]

ENHANCED COMPUTING [rpa + monotonous repititive job across applications]

COGNITIVE COMPUTING [machine learning + analytics]

  • Basic Automation :
    • Human with tools | structured data sets | Goal: Labor Efficiency
  • Robotic Process Automation [RPA] :
    • Human augmented with Robots | unstructured + patterned data sets | No Decisioning (targeted for Head Down Workers) | Goal: Labor Efficiency
  • Autonomics :
    • Robots augmented with humans | unstructured + patterned data sets | Goal: Labor Elimination
  • Cognitive Computing :
    • End to end robots with human oversight | unstructured + NO patterned data sets (targeted for Knowledge Workers) | Goal: Labor Elimination
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI :
    •  Fully automated with NO human involvement | unstructured + NO patterned data sets  (targeted for Knowledge Workers) | Goal: Labor Elimination

When we talk about the relationship and interplay between BPM & AI in next few years, the targeted enterprise audience is presumed to have matured over “enhanced computing” and addressed/identified all the underlying challenges w.r.t. monotonous manual intensive repetitive jobs/activities.


Some of the interesting use cases that enterprises can adopt based on the BPM + AI/Cognitive Computing duo are:

  • General
    • Developing Self-Healing Processes [process optimization, exceptions and anomalies that are resurfaced during execution being auto corrected based on the past resolution steps → analytics & machine learning driven]
    • Evidence based learning – data driven
    • Adaptive and Predictive analytics + Past scenario based Actions [Machine Learning] for decisioning
    • Virtual workforce controlled by Business Operation Teams
    • Handwriting to Text or Speech (Identification & Learning Graphology Techniques)
    • Debugging, Troubleshooting and Solution Wizard
    • Text & Mail categorization/recommendation
    • Support Issues and enriching KeDBs (Knowledge Error Databases)
    • Self-Driving Cars – by building artificial intelligence and algorithms
    • Image Processing
  • Banking / Retail / Telecommunication
    • Identifying Prospective Customers and Partners
    • Satisfactory index of the Customer (based on relationship, transaction, marketing campaign etc.)
    • Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Claims
    • Forecasted Credit Risk and credibility of the customer
    • Effectiveness of a Marketing Campaign
      • Eg: How many accepted the offer and how many rejected it. Any decisive factors leading to acceptance.
    • Cross Selling and Recommendations
      • Eg: Ecommerce sites : People who purchased this product also purchased this
    • Contact Center (helps the CSR to engage the customer during the call with the relevant data)
      • Eg: We have seen that you have ordered the cheque books to a separate address (different from the registered address) – would you like to change your Address Details
  • Healthcare & Life sciences
    • Scanning & Screening –  Biometrics
    • Drug Discovery based on the component mix
    • Diagnosis and remediation based on the Symptoms, Patient Record and Lab Reports
    • AECP – Adverse Event Case Processing Scenarios based on drug, patient, geo, climatic conditions, past history, food intake etc.
  • Security
    • Handwriting / Signature / Fingerprint / Iris / Retina Verification
    • Face Recognition
    • DNA Pattern Matching
  • ….and many more

Definitely, there are concerns in adopting the Artificial Intelligence on the Day-1 [it may not be a cake walk]. There are lot of factors that are getting disturbed from our traditional paths, and it is only a matter of time for the thoughts to sink , the dust around the buzz to settle down and most importantly GETTING the CONFIDENCE of RELYING BLIND-FOLDED on a MACHINE/ROBOT.

To cite a few scenarios: Are we comfortable and confident enough to sit in a driverless car or airplane? Or are we fine as a financial institution to manage all our high-profile privileged customers based on an algorithm? May be / May be NOT always.

To summarize,

  • it becomes crucial from organizations to define the a bucket or business scenarios which can be an eligible candidate for BPM/Process & AI – avoiding RISKS that can have catastrophic effect on the customers/organization. To be precise, the RISK of Loss should not be more than the investment on AI.
  • time and exhaustive scenarios are the key factors that will enrich the intelligence of the system based on real time transactions good[favorable] or bad[un-favorable] – is the business prepared for the same?
  • it is important to have a balance between the enhanced customer experience and the operational cost reduction with virtual workforce

The business benefits that Enterprises can reap by augmenting BPM with Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Reduced Operation Cost
  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction / Experience
    • Right Product to the Right Customer at the Right Time via the Right Preferred Channel
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Personalization through Prediction and Intelligence
  • Increased Workforce Productivity
  • Help organizations unlock the value of the wealth of data they have in-house
  • Close the gap with the new online providers by offering real-time decisions

New terminologies like SPA [‘Smart Process Automation] are also coined, considering the process and cognitive computing/AI duo. Enabling the Process to select the best performing algorithm on the fly.

What is your take – How Do You See the Relationship and Interplay Between AI and BPM in the next Few Years?


Happy Learning 🙂 

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Top Banking Trends & Predictions

The Banking & the Financial services industry is the widely and wildly conquered sector where digitization and automation has been enabled to the max by IT. But in recent times, with the advancement of technology and innovations, it is important for the Banking industry to explore, pace up, transform, innovate, re-think and live in the present. The technology adoption and re-incarnation of business strategy/priorities to serve the customers will definitely play a crucial role in the Bank’s journey in making it stand tall n strong in the crowd (as a differentiator).

A nice read article on “Top Retail Banking Trends & Predictions“.

Key Highlights :

  1. ID-100276203The ‘Platformification’ of Banking
  2. Removing Friction from the Customer Journey
  3. Making Big Data Actionable
  4. Introduction of ‘Optichannel’ Delivery
  5. Expansion of Digital Payments
  6. Executing on Innovation
  7. Exploring Advanced Technologies
  8. Emergence of a New Breeds of Banks
  9. Mining New Talent
  10. Responding to Regulatory and Rate Changes

few additions …

  • Next-Gen Customer Experience by including
    • omni-channel
    • wearable device adoption
    • analysis driven Next Best Actions
    • ..and many more
  • Developing Customer Centric Applications (primarily self service enabled)
  • Welcome & Leverage Open Source Stacks (OSS)
  • Crowd-Sourcing Initiatives (loan, mortgage, risk management etc)
  • Blockchain technology making the financial system more decentralized
  • Emergence of Banking Market Apps
  • Robot Advisers that stop you from making unsound financial choices, in real time – Customer Assist
  • Establishment of Banking Innovation Labs
  • Beacon Technology Adoption
  • Heat-Map Technology  – Identifying right customer for the right product at the right time
  • Automated Appointment/Scheduling/Token Management – helps avoiding unexpected crowd and long queues
  • Battling with mushrooming Mobile Wallets
  • DevOps driven CI/CD in IT – for streamlining Release Management
  • Streamlining Operations in IT with Robotic Automation / Machine Learning techniques

Interesting Read Articles: 

What are your top trends & predictions in the retail banking space?

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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Core DNA of Digital Business/BPM

Are you suffering from “Digital Fever” ?

Common Symptoms:

  • ID-100158158Not happy with your existing AS-IS enterprise landscape and offerings
  • Want to have all the new trends and technologies in your TO-BE landscape and hit the market before your peers do so
  • Want to get a all new fresh feeling of the business and change everything overnight with a push button or a magic wand
  • Want to make better application customers experience in every possible way
  • Make everything possible with minimal impact to the wallet/revenue
  • Need all HIGH values for Operation Efficiency, RoI, Productivity, Customer Experience , Performance, User Base and everything else except for the Cost to Transform

Hang On!! ….You are not the Only One 🙂… its pretty common these days. It is a perception driven syndrome, that gets aggravated with hype and the buzz words. Sit Back with a pen and paper and dot down what exactly you needs, how it will be helpful, whom it is targeted for, is it inline with company’s vision and then map it with what is available in the technology stack to address it.

The word “Digital” is getting contagious day-by-day. And on a lighter note, it has become a Universal Prefix 🙂 . Every enterprise, business and society as a whole is getting smitten by it in some form or the other. And BPM is no exception here. The veterans and the newly mushroomed ones in the BPM Arena everyone is trying to package and offer some feature or the other as a part of the Product Kit – that will help customers in their vision of Digital Enterprise/Journey.

In addition to piggy-backing on the features provided by the BPM stack,every Enterprises and Business needs not just envision but at the same time assess/validate the enterprise’s ground reality:

  • What they really want as a part of Digital Enterprise?
  • What Digital means to them? (perception and needs differ)
  • What they are getting into?
  • What they are loosing and what they will gain?
  • Is the RoI justified?
  • Is it inline with the Business Focus areas and enhancing Customer Experience
  • …and many more!

In order to access and justify from a Digital Transformation Investment standpoint, it can be bench-marked and validated against the Core DNA of Digital BPM. Following is a highlight of the areas/features BPM can be collaborated with to help business and enterprises to leap forward in their Digital Journey. This is not an exhaustive list – but will get enriched as new technologies and trends are out in the wild.

Core DNA of Digital BPM

  • Extreme Business Flexibility & Agility
  • Constant Innovation & Radical Thinking
  • Extreme Automation & DevOpsID-10061975
  • Real Time & Direct Customer Engagement
  • Data Driven – using Actionable Insights/Analytics (+making sense from the unstructured data)
  • Proactive to Risks & Security Issues
  • Device Integration via IoT/Wearables
  • Social Media, Cloud and Mobility Adoption
  • Business Process re-engineering & optimization
  • Workforce Profitability (BYOD)
  • Gamification
  • Cognitive Computing / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine to Machine Communication
  • Developing Self-Healing Processes
  • APIfication (leveraging the API layer)
  • ….and many more!

Digital BPM can be defined as a BPM discipline that leverages digital capabilities and disruptive technologies to transform Business processes in the Operations as well as IT arena for achieving Business Objectives

Every adoption of the Digital Levers should have a justified Business Usecase in the enterprise landscape and must be backed up by an Assessment Report.

Digital BPM Transformation is a journey and cannot be considered like the old Onida TV Ad punch-line – “Neighbor’s Envy Owner’s Pride”

Digital BPM Transformation should always defined with the boundary conditions “Existing Enterprise Architecture” | “CPQ – Cost-Pace-Quality Factor” | “Customer Experience” | “Business Strategy/Needs

Digital BPM does not advocate “RIP & REPLACE” Approach across the enterprise, instead for speedy GTM (Go To Market) Strategy and reaping early business benefits “WRAP & RENEW” Approach can be adopted (by building wrapper services around obsolete/legacy systems)

Digital BPM Transformation should rather harness/leverage Disruptive Technologies than Disruptive Thoughts

Impact and Business Benefits of adopting Disruptive and Digital Levers:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience (Right Service at the Right Time for the Right Customer at the Right Place and via the Right Channel)
  • Security, Risks and Compliance
  • Revamped and New Business Models
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies

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Please feel free to provide your feedback and enrich it with your view points and thoughts.

Interesting Read Articles/Blogs on Digital Transformation/Journey:

Happy Reading!! 🙂

(As a part of the “DigitalBPM” series, will discuss/blog in detail on the collaboration between BPM and latest digital trends/drivers from a business standpoint (IoT, Machine Learning, DevOps, etc etc))


IBM CAMS Workshop!! – 2014

IBM had organized a workshop on CAMS @ Bangalore in June 2014. The Agenda of the event was to share the roadmap, vision and offerings from IBM stack perspective w.r.t. #Social #Mobility #Analytics (BigData) and #Cloud.

These buzz words have been coined and marketed differently by multiple organizations :

The workshop was mostly targeted for a technical audiance with a showcase of IBM’s CAMS offering.

The take-away from the workshops was the understanding of the buzz words from a business scenrio standpoint and a list of tools IBM has and the ones IBM acquired in the recent past, as an offering for CAMS (cloud, analytics, mobility and social). In a nutshell from a personal front a bunch of tools under the IBM umbrella to map the Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social capabilities.

There were a lot of use cases and videos shared as a part of these sessions – which was helpful to link the buzz words with a business scenarios or pain-points. The DevOps flavor was also added to these 4 key drivers.

To name a few tools :

  • Cloud – The PaaS offering from IBM is IBM BlueMix
  • Analytics – The Bigdata and Analytics offering from IBM is IBM Watson Foundation
  • Mobility – The Mobility offering from IBM is IBM Worklight
  • Social – From a Social front it was more from a Capability and Point of View(PoV) – for Smarter commerce/workforce/ciries leveraging all the IBM stack of products

The reference architecture for each of these stacks were also covered as a part of the sessions.

On a personal note, now its time explore, harness and evaluate these tools!! from a business scenario fitment perspective 🙂

Reference Links :

Happy Learning!! 🙂

BigData & Hadoop newbies – Bookmarks!!

Here are a few bookmarks for gearing up with Bigdata and hadoop from a newbies standpoint :

  • Big Data University:It has  a very rich repository of course materials (targeted for a beginner)
  • O’Reilly Webcast: An Introduction to Hadoop
  • Hadoop & Bigdata
  • Intro to Hadoop (#nice)
  • Big Data in Real Time
  • Realtime Analytics for Big Data: A Facebook Case Study

Some Useful Links :

Please do share any useful links and posts that might be helpful!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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