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Intro to “Asgard”

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Finally “Cloud” in the Financial Arena!!

Cloud has been around for quite some  time, but has always been under the radar of flaws, inconsistency and most importantly non-security!!.

In cloud arena itself vast developments have taken place providing:

  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service
  • IaaS – Integration as a Service
  • RaaS – Recovery as a Service (Read this recently to deal with BCP – Business Continuity Planning and DR – Disaster Recovery)

Amazon EC2, Salesforce and may other have been the show-stopper as the Cloud Providers.

As the Statistics says,  Cloud has penetrated to almost all the Domains, but Financial Domain was something, where it had a tough time, as people were a bit finicky about the security features an the Data Security of the Customer Data.

But, here we have a Bold Step Taken by the Spanish Bank BBVA, taking a stride forward to use the Cloud Solution provided by Google for its Enterprise Computer Network.

For this venture, Google will be providing, data protection, security and compliance with the Financial Regulations.

Its definitely a great leap forward, that will pave the path for the other Financial Institution and inspire them to follow its path and reduce the cost incurred in infrastructure, data maintenance and security.

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Happy Clouding!! 🙂

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