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Modernization vs Digitalization

We come across the two words very frequently these days:

  • Modernization &
  • Digitalization

A curious question always arises – Are they both same? …Ahh …Not really!


To summarize with an analogy: 

  • Modernization is something like getting a Bike(2-wheeler) for a living than using a public transport[bus/metro] on a daily basis. Driving Force is Necessity
    • [can’t avoid hassle, not independent, dependency on transport timings, time consuming with multiple unavoidable stops/stations, affected by public holidays, always stick to transport timings – can’t move as & when]
    • Capture Better Data from the System
  • Digitalization is something like getting a Car(4-wheeler) for a living than using a 2 wheeler on a daily basis. Driving Force is Luxury
    • [painful to drive long distance on a bike, can accompany only 1 member/friend, cant avoid rain or bad weather, wear extra helmet ]
    • Analyse Data & put to use with next best actions + decisioning

Having said that – both [Modern+Digital]ization play a very crucial for every business to leap forward in their journey to attain great heights. Most of the time these path breaker steps help industries to reduce Operational Expenditures, Streamline Process and importantly have better reach & GoToMarket Solutions with RoI.

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and inputs on the Modernization vs Digitalization


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How Facebook Makes Mobile Work At Scale For All Phones, On All Screens, On All Networks

Interesting Read Article on How Facebook Makes Mobile Work At Scale For All Phones, On All Screens, On All Networks

“not everyone is on a fast phone, not everyone has a large screen, and not everyone is on a fast network.”

“Not only do you have different phones like Android and iOS, you have different segments within each type of phone you must code and design for. This is crazy hard to do.”

“For tuning Facebook for constrained networks : Reduced Image Sizes, Network Quality Detection, Prefetching Content.”

For the slow phone problem Facebook created a separate application that used lighter weight animations and other strategies to work on lower end phones. For the small screen problem Facebook designers made sure applications were functional at different screen sizes.

Quotes from the Original Link

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Is Your Business Ready for the #Cloud?


Interesting Read Article : Original Link 

Image Source : Original Link 

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Thought of the day!!

Thought of the day!!



All info, posts and views updated in this Blog are based on my(or contributer’s) personal thoughts or some readings from multiple articles. Its NOT RELATED to any company/employer or person to be precise. My apologies if it hurts the sentiments of anyone. Please mail me at for any clarification or refining the content of the blog. Thankyou. Happy Reading!! Image Source : Link –

The WhatsApp Architecture Facebook Bought For $19 Billion


The WhatsApp Architecture Facebook Bought For $19 Billion

A very nice read – interesting article.

The day I heard about this new “Facebook acquiring WhatsApp with a tagged price of huge $19 Billion”, some of the questions that confused me were :

  • Why such a big price for an app which is just 4years old ?
  • Is it beacuse of the big userbase which WhatsApp has ?
  • Is it beacuse of the fear that the competitor Google will acquire it ?
  • Is it because of the underlying technology stack ?
  • If it is for the technology stack – then Facebook has a bunch of great minds who can create a similar App in a limited span of time ?
  • What is the underlying Technology stack and user-base strength that made WhatsApp so lucrative ?
  • Is FB the 1st company to go with this offer or WhatsApp was already approached with a similar offer in the past ?

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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Note : Image edited (no offence meant – just for highlighting the info)

Customer Service via Social Media

A large majority of organizations are planning to use social media for customer service/support. Companies like Freshdesk,, and HootSuite provide tools to help social enterprises manage tons of customer service queries.


It was really very interesting to see KLM Airlines leveraging social media (Twitter) as one of the channels for providing Customer Service.

ID-10075635 (1)

Going with the latest trend where people walk with their heads down, eyes glued and fingers moving frequently on their mobile phones/pads – the social media savvy generation, KLM has taken this step to help their customers.

The simple question that arises is “How is it helpful ?”

  • Firstly, you dont have to call the customer care number multiple times, keying in the options 1-2-3 for IVRS and keep holding the phone next to your ears with an angry/expression on your face.
  • With the new update status flashing on the twitter screen image(regarding the wait response time), you can get a response for the army of customer executives lined-up for responding to your feeds
  • Based on using the twitter channel – the customers can be rewarded with some goodies (in one of the instances KLM rewarded the customer with a movie ticket for using the social channel)
  • It improves the social visibility, transparency and dominance based on the customer feedback and experience
  • it also reduces the infra related costs incurred in maintaining IVRS and other systems along with the training for executives (agreed to the fact we cannot totally shutdown the customer service setup via IVRS as all users may not be comfortable with Social Media )

Being a techie ‘am interested in the technicalities as to how it is implemented @KLM ?

  • Does Twitter provide a medium for every company to integrate their customer support systems ? The answer is “NOT YET”
  • Basically, what KLM has done is, it keeps refreshing the twitter cover photo/image every 5 minutes. The data for the wait response time is picked up from the datastore and displayed as a new image. In simple words, KLM has automated and is updating profile cover photo every 5 minutes.

Are there any other way where we can leverage social media to trigger a Business Process or vice-versa. Yes, many other organizations have taken similar steps in this regard. You can refer to some of these scenarios :

SocialBPM was talked about topic on the internet few months back, and good to see companies and organizations making an effort to unleash the benefits of using Social Media in serving their customers

Reference Link –

Image Source – Thanks

Happy Learning!! & Happy tweeting!! 🙂

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