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The BPM Brunch!

BPM is no more a Healthy Salad Diet of plain & bland Process & Rules. It has matured and become an amalgamation of all the disruptive technologies and digital trends. In a nutshell, it has become more of a  BRUNCH Meal.

The asks of the customers and market trends are cherry picked an packaged in a BPM Product – making it a self sufficient enterprise solution  [at times] but on a lighter note Bulkier too [day-by-day the size of the BPM Product Installable is getting increased]  🙂


BPM Products (these days), keep adding some new feature into their kitty to make life easy for the Business as well as IT stakeholders. With new disruptive technologies getting mushroomed everyday, BPM packaged tools provide some flavor or slice of the new technology/trend. Its no longer an a-la-carte menu kind of offering for enterprise, instead a Packaged Combo Meal serving a set of business audience or business challenges/pain-points.

The features that were the key drivers and engine of BPM a decade earlier [during its inception] are getting enhanced [no doubt about it] but at the same time getting shadowed by the competitive chaos and disruptive tech. trends.

For every customer the four-walls within which they can experiment and play around with technologies / trends are the following : [these become the key focus areas for BPM Product Vendors]

  • Un-parallel Customer Experience inline with the Enterprise Ux[User Experience]
  • Enterprise Architecture – Guidelines/Standards/Compliance
  • Cost-Pace-Quality [CPQ] Factor
  • Business Strategy & Workforce Productivity


When we are at the verge of bidding farewell to the current year and welcoming the New Year. The curious question that keeps popping / itching at this time of the year

  • “What are the BPM Predictions for the Next Year?” or
  • “What’s cooking for BPM, in the next year?” or
  • “What the Master-Chef BPM Product vendors have to Offer?”
  • “Is the coming Year going to be BPMlicious”

…Stay Tuned for the Next Post on BPM Predictions for 2017!

Please do share your comments, thoughts and suggestions !!

Happy Reading 🙂

Last Year’s Post : What are your Predictions for BPM 2016?

Image Source: Link1 [The intent of using the images was to pictorially share the thoughts and share the learning. Happy to share Credits for the photos and images] Some of the pics have been taken directly from my Breakfast Table 🙂


Does Agile really means Fast ?

The concern for most of the higher managements and the CxO level executives, is to promote dynamic growth and at the same time optimize the operational cost. This is quite a challenging task.

Although agilility is a critical component of most modern enterprise strategies, the key is going about change in an effective and sustainable way.

The word “Agility” is inferred differently by different groups of people. But in general, for the common crowd, “agility is all about being fast

Does Agile really means Fast ?

Not at all!! The underlying premise driving towards business agility is that such agility delivers superior business value, but what the haste to achieve agility might results in low quality. And moreover the speed of change is unsustainable from a business operational perspective, which might lead to deteriorating efficiency

If the current business cannot paceup with the changes that are being incorporated, the efficiency and the quality of the product gets HIT badly – which might actually result in drop of customers.

Its like mortgaging the company’s future by over-investing and taking too many risks. What is the point in preparing for the future if in the process you ruin your current business?

The following things must be in place for agile change to be valuable over time:

  • Choose the right changes that deliver better business outcomes with the least amount of resources and disruption.
  • Maintain business performance and integrity while executing change.

Agility is not really about speed but is about choosing the right changes and implementing those changes the right way in a timely fashion.

To sum-up : “A balance between the efficiency and effectiveness is very important for smooth movement of business and achieving the milestones based on sustainable changes”

The long-term effectiveness is actually based on continuous business re-engineering towards strategic objectives.Along with the strategic journey, an enterprise also needs to compliment, continuously adjust and optimize the current state efficiency to maintain business integrity and performance

A quick snapshot of a happy Enterprise Business Application architecture:

Please do share a thoughts and inputs on Agility at Enterprise level and correct me if my understanding is wrong.

This blog is based on the reading that have been doing recently on Combining Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture for Better Business Outcomes” – IBM Redbook.


Happy Learning!! 🙂

Nice to see the Who’s Who list of the prominent BPM figures!!
Have been following most of the people via tweets and got connected via Linkedin. Good to see their Videos.
Thanks Adam Sir for the Collection

Adam Deane

After you’ve read some of their BPM Blogs or followed some of their Tweets, you’re probably wondering what they look like…

I spent the last few days thinking and rethinking whether to publish this post or not.
Publishing a person’s picture or video is a bit different than blogging about them. It’s more personal.
Although these videos appear in YouTube, if anyone in the videos below feels uncomfortable with the video (or the choice of video) – please send me a quick line or tweet, and I’ll remove it immediately and apologise.

Google is a great search engine, but if I’ve missed anyone – please send me a note too.

So here are some videos of the BPM industry leaders, (well dressed, serious, and on their best behaviour) explaining about their companies and work.

Bruce Silver – BPMessentials

Chris Adams – Ultimus

Clay Richardson – Forrester

Connie Moore –…

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IBM Business Process Manager 7.5

The IBM Business Process Manager 7.5 looks good with some jazzy and fancy features.
Its an amalgamation of the number of IBM Products like, ILOG JRules, Lombardi, and few more IBM in-house products!!
Need to explore and unleash the features!! … Eagerly waiting to wet my hands with it 🙂

Here is a Quick Snapshot of the Challenges faced in a BPM Implementation.

Adam Deane

BPM Projects - Problems & RisksKnowing the problems and risks that you may face in a BPM project – is half the battle.

From my experience, these are the 5 main problems and risks that give me grey hair.

Missing the Business Pain

The top reason for a BPM project “going cold” is missing the business pain.
Unlike IT projects, where creating an application with “lots of functionality” is enough, a BPM project must tackle and solve the main business pain.
If the finance department still needs to spend the same amount of time filling in “an electronic form” (instead of a paper form), or if the workflow hasn’t cut down the time it takes the sales team to approve a quote – the project will go cold.

Trying to use BPMS software for something it wasn’t designed for

The temptation to try to use the BPMS wizards to create a non-workflow application (like creating…

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“Angry Birds” & Enterprise Management!!

We all must have seen or played the most popular game “Angry Birds” on our web Browser or Mobile phones.

Ever imagined viewing it(Angry Birds) with an eye of a Enterprise Analyst/Architect!!

Well, here is just an Analogy at a very high-level to “Gamify the entire Enterprise Management“(BPM/BRE/CRM/BI/Data Warehousing/Cloud Solution..etc).

Consider the Customer Relations Executive, Business Analyst, Developer, Customer and the Program Manager as the pigs(no pun intended) in the Angry Birds game, caged and encapsulated between walls!!

Each of these, parties work in silos without any bridge or communication between them. The neighbor does not know, whats cooking on the other side of the wall. From an enterprise perspective, if we see, it might look very organized and pattern oriented!!
But the question is – Is this what the alignment, the Business Needs subject to frequent dynamic changes ??

The answer is a big “NO“, hope you all will agree with me. These days Business has become so dynamic that everything needs to be automated and the changes needs to be incorporated at ease providing great room and flexibility for the Business to think loud!!
In a Nutshell, what we actually need is to collaborate the different User Parties within the Organization to Work Together as a family to meet the common goal of “Customer Satisfaction”

The question that arises now is how do we do achieve this ??
With the growing Technology Trend and the latest advancement in the field of Process Modernization and flexibility, there are many companies mushrooming with multiple Products like :

BPM Solution – To automate the WorkFlow which allows the Business Analyst and the Developer to work on the same Platform and understand each other better

CRM Solution – To bridge the gap between the Customer Service Representative and the End User, and reducing the Response Time for addressing an Issue.

Business Intelligence Solution – To help the Business reap the benefits of Analytics, Predictive Modeling and Statistics

Data Warehousing and Reporting Solution – To facilitate generation of customized on the fly Reports and easy storage/retrieval of Data

Cloud Solution – With the high-end Infra cost incurred in maintaining the Servers and systems in-house or in-premise which becomes a burden for the companies. Cloud solutions like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, RaaS are a few steps that comes as a sense of relief.

Each of these Birds that we fire, in the game can be compared to the different Technological Approach or the Solution we are adhering, to bring down/demolish the barriers and unite the different entities within the organization to work Closely!!

The Birds can be compared to the different Product Vendors mushrooming in the Market to help the Business & the IT work together collaboratively.

Here are a few snapshots for illustrating the same!! :

Happy Learning!! 🙂

SOA Cherish it, or Perish!!…How far is this statement true!!

Everyday we hear a lot about the SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) and its impacts on the enterprise.

Some people/architects quote it as a MUST HAVE for an organization!!.

So, how far is this statement true. We cannot always impose dynamic business ,process implementation and reusability by forcing to follow the footsteps of SOA for the heck of it.

There are organization which might not need SOA implementation.  the reasons could be varied, like revenue/cost, traditional methodology and many more. But this does not stop their existance of market.

There are scenarios of implementation where the SOA implementation makes the implementation and design very complex!!.

So, its the Business that has to take a call on this by evaluating the pros-cons, ROI and other factors.

There is a gud article which actually triggered me to post about this topic.

Happy Learning 🙂

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