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BigData & Healthcare Connections!!

In my previous blog article talked about “BPM and Healthcare Connections

Here am back again….with the BigData and Healthcare Connection!!

Bigdata” is the most talked about buzz word these days be it any meeting, discussion, conference or event. It looks very promising considering the data (structured/unstructured) used for analytics and predictions than the regular transactional data.

The other field/domain that is catching-up these days after the BFSI(Banking & Financial Services – saturated by the IT implementations) is the Healthcare and Lifesciences domain!!. With the current steps, reforms and measures taken by the Government of US – all eyes are focused on this sector.

On what ground can we say BigData sounds promising in the Healthcare arena ?

Every time we step in to a hospital or do a medical checkup (blood pressure, ecg, ultrasound….etc…) the end result is some data points. The sensors used for monitoring the health of a patient or informations shared via social media everything adds on, making the data heavy and rich.

As someone has very rightly said “‘In God we trust. For all others, bring on the data’” 🙂

So, the data we collect in all these cases can be channelized to do some predictive analytics and study for assisting the patients better.

Quick snapshot of the channels via which we get all the health related data :

Business Benefits :

The business benefits we can think of, based on the predictive analytics done on the patient data are :

  • Better assistance to Patients at reasonable cost
  • Less burden on the Insurance Companies (as most of the data can be used to predict the health condition of the people and reduce unnecessary claims)
  • Reduction in hospital cost
  • Maintaining records of Patient data from multiple channels
  • ….and many more

 The “4Vs” :

From a Bigdata perspective “4Vs” that are pronounced loudly are shown in the image below

If we try to quickly relate it from a healthcare front :

Volume : 

  1. Lab Test Data
  2. Patient Data
  3. Drug Details
  4. Clinical Records and Sensor Data
  5. Scan, ECG and X Rays

Variety :

  1. Unstructured
  2. Multiple channel data
  3. Photos and videos

Velocity :

  1. Clinical Research
  2. Real time analytics
  3. Predictive analytics
  4. Archived Data
  5. Pattern of symptoms for patients

Value :

  1. Monitoring Patients
  2. Individual Test data
  3. Reported Results

So, this was a quick stab from my end as an amateur for connecting bigdata and healthcare  🙂

Veterans and Professionals in this arena can definitely throw some more insightful information in this context.


Happy Learning!! 🙂


BPM and Healthcare Connections!!

BPM and Healthcare Connections!!

If we quickly glance over the different domains where Business Process Management has been more leveraged and incorporated, the BFSI (Banking, Finance and Insurance) sector is pronounced predominantly and the one that is exploited the most.
The same thing is catching up with Healthcare and Lifescience domain these days. Pharma and Drug companies have started adopting the process driven approach to counteract the business challenges.

The next question that arises is “Whats the Challenge!!
Well, to answer that, if you would have seen, each time you visit a drug store, there are different brands of the same composition of drug.

Few days back got a Cod-Liver Oil capsule and there were two brands for the same “Merck” and “Sanofi” (the names of the firms are used just for reference). So, the statement taht I want to amke is, sometimes it creates a confusion in the mind of the customer or the patient which one to opt for, or the other way for a doctor which one to suggest.
In simple terms – Its a “Competitive Market” outside.

And when it comes to Pharma and Drug its very risky as it can hit a life of a human for any minor mistake or flaw.

So, in order to drive for a better patient care and providing drugs at reasonable rates, the heathcare organizations have to focus on the clinical excellence process and quality procedures.

To add on, the adherance to the safety guidelines and the compliances laid down by the Governmanet/Country are something that cannot be compromised to gain better benefits.

So in a nut-shell if we see the Business Challenges are ;

  • – Operational Cost Reduction
  • – Adhering to the Government Compliance laid down by the Regulatory bodies(eg: FDA)
  • – Access to some of the reliable patient information
  • – Streamlining the process and expediting it with followups
  • – Lack of structured Review procedures
  • – Reporting and Charting with visual statistics
  • – Flexibility to change by the Business

Considering the above loopholes, BPM can definitely play a crucial role in prividing a flexibilit and bridging the gap for maximum efficiency.
Once the journey starts for Healthcare firms (which has already geared up in a full fledged fashion) the benefits of the generic BPM implementation can be leveraged :

  • The 4Ms of the BPM can be explored :
    1. – Modelling
    2. – Managing
    3. – Monitoring
    4. – Measuring
    5. even the 5th “M” – Media can be used with Social BPM approach
  • Transparency and better Visibility of the Process
  • Analytics
  • Case Management
  • Reporting
  • Enterprise repository for Document management
  • Rules Engine for maintaining business rules
  • Rule Delegations
  • SLA/Notification
  • …and many more features

BPM definitely provides a great platform for managing critical processes, stramlining it and delivering it at ease with a open space for scalability/flexibility.

PegaBPM has also lined up its Industry specific frameworks, to serve the Pharma and healthcare companies and equipped them to face the Business Challenges.
Healthcare Framework :
Lifesciences Framework :

Sometimes I personally feel, the implementations in Banking & Finance sector has been saturated and there is hardly any space not penetrated by BPM. Healthcare and Lifesciences is definitely and great welcome and a nice way to groom the processes in an organized fashion.

Happy Learning!! 🙂 

Argus Safety – a heads-up!!

An Overview :

  • Argus Safety is a actually an “Oracle” product
  • Its a leading off-the-shelf product for pharma covigilance
  • It provides a comprehensive platform for Case Management & Reporting.
  • The drug safety database is actually maintained based on data from multiple sources, and meeting the global compliance regulations
  • The Motive of this product is to Improve Drug Safety and Risk Management

Drug Safety &  Pharma-Covigilance highlights !!

  • Bringing any Drug to the market and launching it is always a challenge.
  • The launch is not that popular like any other marketing product. It is always under the hawk eyes of the critics.
  • Drugs directly or indirectly affect the life of a person. It could be allergic, side effect or even death.
  • Its the most complicated and risky process.
  • The members involved in the process of drug safety are the corporation, government, laboratories, doctors and patients.
  • There are stringent rules from the safety steps perspective, before giving a Green or a Go Signal.
  • Safety and Security are the hallmark of an industry providing greater transparency to the drug safety
  • If there are any Issues with any Drug that are identified at an early stage, it brings down the cost and risk incurred in fixing the drug and bringing it to market.
  • Its just like finding the bug at a development stage of the project than waiting for the end user to come with the Issue as a Production BUG (in case of drugs the result could be the death of the user)
  • There are many systems involved to validate and verify the data to the minute/granular level.

Why Oracle Argus Safety ??

  • Oracle Argus Safety does the same integration an is an integrated system.
  • Some of the striking features of the product are :
    • Case Data Management
    • Reporting
    • Regulatory Compliances (based on geography and landscape)
    • Event Management
    • Business Workflow
    • Data Exchange with other systems
  • The product provides a very rich workflow base and a configurable UI.
  • When we talk about the case of the different symptoms, after the intake of a drug/medecine, we cannot directly Issue a Law or rule out the product. A lot of research and time has been spent by scientists, for preparing the product. If there seems to be any pattern wherein we can predict that such and such group of people in this location are affected by the intake of the drug along with some other drug (as a reaction).
  • This pattern recognition and the point where we can declare the drug as a “banned” is designed in the workflow within the Argus Safety Product.
  • This workflow and pattern recognition built within the product helps in exporting the product as a vaccine or a drug in the market.
  • It provides a single global repository or a database allowing the instant availability of a case where in the world a similar case has been originated.

There are different DRUG Dictionaries that are supported by the Product – making it a comfortable place for the people who have spent in the life sciences industry.

Its also considered as one of the most demanding products in the market by the pharmaceutical companies.

As a beginner!! – here was a quick highlight of the pharmacovigilance and the Argus Safety Product!!. veterans and professionals can pour-in their view points and thoughts!!

For some additional info checkout the blog(on lifesciences and Argus) by Venu Sir :

Image: TeddyBear[Picnic] /

Happy Learning!! 🙂 

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