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Top Banking Trends & Predictions

The Banking & the Financial services industry is the widely and wildly conquered sector where digitization and automation has been enabled to the max by IT. But in recent times, with the advancement of technology and innovations, it is important for the Banking industry to explore, pace up, transform, innovate, re-think and live in the present. The technology adoption and re-incarnation of business strategy/priorities to serve the customers will definitely play a crucial role in the Bank’s journey in making it stand tall n strong in the crowd (as a differentiator).

A nice read article on “Top Retail Banking Trends & Predictions“.

Key Highlights :

  1. ID-100276203The ‘Platformification’ of Banking
  2. Removing Friction from the Customer Journey
  3. Making Big Data Actionable
  4. Introduction of ‘Optichannel’ Delivery
  5. Expansion of Digital Payments
  6. Executing on Innovation
  7. Exploring Advanced Technologies
  8. Emergence of a New Breeds of Banks
  9. Mining New Talent
  10. Responding to Regulatory and Rate Changes

few additions …

  • Next-Gen Customer Experience by including
    • omni-channel
    • wearable device adoption
    • analysis driven Next Best Actions
    • ..and many more
  • Developing Customer Centric Applications (primarily self service enabled)
  • Welcome & Leverage Open Source Stacks (OSS)
  • Crowd-Sourcing Initiatives (loan, mortgage, risk management etc)
  • Blockchain technology making the financial system more decentralized
  • Emergence of Banking Market Apps
  • Robot Advisers that stop you from making unsound financial choices, in real time – Customer Assist
  • Establishment of Banking Innovation Labs
  • Beacon Technology Adoption
  • Heat-Map Technology  – Identifying right customer for the right product at the right time
  • Automated Appointment/Scheduling/Token Management – helps avoiding unexpected crowd and long queues
  • Battling with mushrooming Mobile Wallets
  • DevOps driven CI/CD in IT – for streamlining Release Management
  • Streamlining Operations in IT with Robotic Automation / Machine Learning techniques

Interesting Read Articles: 

What are your top trends & predictions in the retail banking space?

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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Learning Hadoop!!

With referenece to my earlier post on “BigData & Hadoop newbies – Bookmarks!!“. Here are a few additional links for a complete Training plan for Hadoop. This looks impressive. Have started going through them and will keep this space updated with any useful links and comments.

Please do share if you come across any helpful site for learning haddop – for newbies


Reference links :

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Great Introduction to Hadoop (Video)

Nice one!!

What's The Big Data?

Adam Shook at the SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

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Taming BigData

Taming Big Data | A Big Data Infographic
Via: Wikibon Big Data

Demystifying Hadoop in simple terms!!

Demystifying Hadoop in simple terms!! – Awesome Video 🙂

Happy Learning!!

Nice and Crisp Note on the tech buzz and the word everyone loves talking about these days “The BigData”.
Credits : Chris Taylor!!

Successful Workplace

Watching the buzz around Big Data, it would be easy to dismiss the hype as an answer looking for a solution. After all, how many times have you read about a remarkably good business model (other than Facebook, Google or Amazon) making millions through Big Data technologies?

However, by the time you read about solutions, technology is likely already in mainstream use and past the hype, meaning: If you wait for your competitors to show results, you’re already many months behind and unlikely to catch up soon. You’re eating everyone’s dust.

Growth spurt

Big Data goes well beyond putting new labels on existing products, though there will certainly be a fair amount of that. Big Data is about a maturing set of affordable technologies that take advantage of several shifts that took place in the past couple of years. You’ve heard it before, but mobile, social, and less-known but very…

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Thought of the Day!! #BigData

Read this Quote in one of the Articles on BigData & Hadoop.

Got literally “Glued” to this thought so true and so appropriate to the current trends in Technology and Advancement

Image: Stuart Miles /

Happy Quoting!!

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