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IBM CAMS Workshop!! – 2014

IBM had organized a workshop on CAMS @ Bangalore in June 2014. The Agenda of the event was to share the roadmap, vision and offerings from IBM stack perspective w.r.t. #Social #Mobility #Analytics (BigData) and #Cloud.

These buzz words have been coined and marketed differently by multiple organizations :

The workshop was mostly targeted for a technical audiance with a showcase of IBM’s CAMS offering.

The take-away from the workshops was the understanding of the buzz words from a business scenrio standpoint and a list of tools IBM has and the ones IBM acquired in the recent past, as an offering for CAMS (cloud, analytics, mobility and social). In a nutshell from a personal front a bunch of tools under the IBM umbrella to map the Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social capabilities.

There were a lot of use cases and videos shared as a part of these sessions – which was helpful to link the buzz words with a business scenarios or pain-points. The DevOps flavor was also added to these 4 key drivers.

To name a few tools :

  • Cloud – The PaaS offering from IBM is IBM BlueMix
  • Analytics – The Bigdata and Analytics offering from IBM is IBM Watson Foundation
  • Mobility – The Mobility offering from IBM is IBM Worklight
  • Social – From a Social front it was more from a Capability and Point of View(PoV) – for Smarter commerce/workforce/ciries leveraging all the IBM stack of products

The reference architecture for each of these stacks were also covered as a part of the sessions.

On a personal note, now its time explore, harness and evaluate these tools!! from a business scenario fitment perspective 🙂

Reference Links :

Happy Learning!! 🙂


DevOps Events Calendar – round the year

Here is an interesting link for DevOps Events calendar worldwide round the year – compiled by

Conferences and events in India

Please do share any useful calendar or event list for forthcoming devops events.

Happy Reading!! 🙂

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