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The BPM Brunch!

BPM is no more a Healthy Salad Diet of plain & bland Process & Rules. It has matured and become an amalgamation of all the disruptive technologies and digital trends. In a nutshell, it has become more of a  BRUNCH Meal.

The asks of the customers and market trends are cherry picked an packaged in a BPM Product – making it a self sufficient enterprise solution  [at times] but on a lighter note Bulkier too [day-by-day the size of the BPM Product Installable is getting increased]  🙂


BPM Products (these days), keep adding some new feature into their kitty to make life easy for the Business as well as IT stakeholders. With new disruptive technologies getting mushroomed everyday, BPM packaged tools provide some flavor or slice of the new technology/trend. Its no longer an a-la-carte menu kind of offering for enterprise, instead a Packaged Combo Meal serving a set of business audience or business challenges/pain-points.

The features that were the key drivers and engine of BPM a decade earlier [during its inception] are getting enhanced [no doubt about it] but at the same time getting shadowed by the competitive chaos and disruptive tech. trends.

For every customer the four-walls within which they can experiment and play around with technologies / trends are the following : [these become the key focus areas for BPM Product Vendors]

  • Un-parallel Customer Experience inline with the Enterprise Ux[User Experience]
  • Enterprise Architecture – Guidelines/Standards/Compliance
  • Cost-Pace-Quality [CPQ] Factor
  • Business Strategy & Workforce Productivity


When we are at the verge of bidding farewell to the current year and welcoming the New Year. The curious question that keeps popping / itching at this time of the year

  • “What are the BPM Predictions for the Next Year?” or
  • “What’s cooking for BPM, in the next year?” or
  • “What the Master-Chef BPM Product vendors have to Offer?”
  • “Is the coming Year going to be BPMlicious”

…Stay Tuned for the Next Post on BPM Predictions for 2017!

Please do share your comments, thoughts and suggestions !!

Happy Reading 🙂

Last Year’s Post : What are your Predictions for BPM 2016?

Image Source: Link1 [The intent of using the images was to pictorially share the thoughts and share the learning. Happy to share Credits for the photos and images] Some of the pics have been taken directly from my Breakfast Table 🙂


Top Banking Trends & Predictions

The Banking & the Financial services industry is the widely and wildly conquered sector where digitization and automation has been enabled to the max by IT. But in recent times, with the advancement of technology and innovations, it is important for the Banking industry to explore, pace up, transform, innovate, re-think and live in the present. The technology adoption and re-incarnation of business strategy/priorities to serve the customers will definitely play a crucial role in the Bank’s journey in making it stand tall n strong in the crowd (as a differentiator).

A nice read article on “Top Retail Banking Trends & Predictions“.

Key Highlights :

  1. ID-100276203The ‘Platformification’ of Banking
  2. Removing Friction from the Customer Journey
  3. Making Big Data Actionable
  4. Introduction of ‘Optichannel’ Delivery
  5. Expansion of Digital Payments
  6. Executing on Innovation
  7. Exploring Advanced Technologies
  8. Emergence of a New Breeds of Banks
  9. Mining New Talent
  10. Responding to Regulatory and Rate Changes

few additions …

  • Next-Gen Customer Experience by including
    • omni-channel
    • wearable device adoption
    • analysis driven Next Best Actions
    • ..and many more
  • Developing Customer Centric Applications (primarily self service enabled)
  • Welcome & Leverage Open Source Stacks (OSS)
  • Crowd-Sourcing Initiatives (loan, mortgage, risk management etc)
  • Blockchain technology making the financial system more decentralized
  • Emergence of Banking Market Apps
  • Robot Advisers that stop you from making unsound financial choices, in real time – Customer Assist
  • Establishment of Banking Innovation Labs
  • Beacon Technology Adoption
  • Heat-Map Technology  – Identifying right customer for the right product at the right time
  • Automated Appointment/Scheduling/Token Management – helps avoiding unexpected crowd and long queues
  • Battling with mushrooming Mobile Wallets
  • DevOps driven CI/CD in IT – for streamlining Release Management
  • Streamlining Operations in IT with Robotic Automation / Machine Learning techniques

Interesting Read Articles: 

What are your top trends & predictions in the retail banking space?

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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Is Your Business Ready for the #Cloud?


Interesting Read Article : Original Link 

Image Source : Original Link 

Happy Reading!! 🙂

Google Cloud Platform in the Enterprise ?

Google Cloud Platform in the enterprise, can it compete with AWS and Azure? – Original Article

Nice Read article.

Interesting perspective – dealing with customers and enterprise is a different game all together!!

There is no denial to the fact that Google is “THE SUPREMO” in the market when it comes to dealing with the End Customers and its Offerings. But does the same hold good with the Google’s Offering for the enterprise.

Few things that are really shadowing Google’s offering for enterprise :

  • Open Source focus
  • Failure in building a complete ecosystem around Cloud offering that is competitive
  • The enterprise code is just not restricted to Python and Java – it’s a lot more than that (adding more flavors Ruby, PHP etc)
  • The battle is no longer around base infrastructure-as-a-service (number of instance or how fast the computation is) – It is about the Additional Services it can Offer
  • Low Trust factor as an enterprise solution – with limited Fortune 500 companies it can boast of (though there have been lot of implementations already done)
  • Limited Integration solutions across multiple competitor products in the market – as a differentiator
  • Having a relationship with an enterprise is way different than having a relationship with a consumer
  • It has to come out of the tag-line “the advertising company” – with a new sticky value proposition. Enterprise does not like advertising.
  • Additionally few enterprise are happy to use IBM or Microsoft products across the organization – Just cant help!!

What’s Your Take ?

Please do correct me and provide your feedback with some valuable pointers at your end.

Happy Reading!! 🙂

How Important is the Cloud to BPM?

There is an interesting discussion going on @ (click here for the link).

My thoughts :

Business Process Management does not have any direct dependency on Cloud for its implementation or functioning. It is just yet another approach or way to implement BPM based solutions. It’s not that BPM solutions cannot be developed in the absence of Cloud Solutions.

All the BPM Product Suites are Web-Based, it hardly makes a difference, whether you are launching the Developer Portal/User Portal from an on-premise hosted instance or a cloud based instance. Yes, when it comes to networking or operations team, some minor changes more or less might be there.

It is more of a trade-off between cost vs maintenance vs implementation vs infrastructure

I would like to highlight my thoughts based on a comparative analysis.


 On-Premise based implementation :

  • With the On-Premise based implementation, the entire server setup, development of flows, screens and integration with data-store/external systems etc. happens on-premise.
  • A dedicated data-center for maintenance of the servers and a bunch of resources for monitoring are allocated for the same
  • Sometimes it is a feel good factor 🙂 (though you don’t physically take the blocks of data and store it – but yes you can see and touch – this is the data center which has the Golden Source!)
  • Some consider it as an old-school way of implementation (with the current trends like mobile, social, analytics and cloud buzzing in the enterprise market)
  • This is a tested and proven way of implementation (lots of stories and case studies to share)


Cloud based implementation :

  • “Cloud” is something everyone is talking about these days and want to embrace it overcoming the reluctance and hiccups most of the companies had when Cloud was introduced in the market
  • People now understand the power of Cloud from an enterprise wide adoption perspective (PaaS is the most sought after approach)
  • With the Private Cloud way of implementation, the fear from a security standpoint is ruled out to some extent
  • The interesting factor for attaching BPM with the cloud implementation is from the various Cost Options like pay-per-use, per per transaction, pay per case, pay per user etc.
  • With cloud based implementation, the server maintenance and other support activities are expected from the Cloud Provider – though it always comes with a tagged price.
  • This is where the enterprise has to do the homework and raise the hand if the business really demands for a Cloud Based implementation

Also, apart from just going by the Cost, Infra and Maintenance, it is crucial to do a thorough analysis as to DOES MY PROJECT REALLY NEED A CLOUD BASED SOLUTION ?

For instance, if I have the Data Store On-Premise and I plan to move all my flows, user screens and business rules to a cloud environment – It sounds OK. But, if we see it from a practical standpoint, every instance/case that gets persisted will be a cloud/on-premise transaction which will add to the latency and response time.

Similarly if my application has all the flows, UI, DB in the cloud environment but it makes multiple calls to On-Premise based legacy systems – Is Cloud a Viable Option for me ?

The other case could be, lets say the implementation if for a ARMY/NAVAL wing of a country. From a security / compliance / regulation standpoint, is it fine if I have my Data in a Cloud Environment ?

These are some of the preliminary assessment and  questions that needs to be answered and agreed upon before BLINDLY moving to an UNKNOWN territory. It should not be judged that My Competitor has adopted BPM on Cloud …Why not Me!!


Few questions that needs to be validated are :

  • Does my Application really Need a Cloud platform ?
  • Is my Application an eligible candidate for Cloud ?
  • What portion of my application involves lot of Complex Calculations – which can be the candidate for the Cloud Movement ?
  • In my BPM implementation (Flows, Rules, UI, Database) – which are the ones, I want to have on-premise and the ones on the Cloud ?
  • How much will I save, not just in terms of Dollars($$) but also in terms of Response Time ?
  • Will it encapsulate and solve all my problems ?
  • From an infra implementation and maintenance perspective – am I going the right way ?
  • Does my company Regulation allow me to adopt a Public Cloud or I have to invest on a Private Cloud setup ?
  • …..and many more!!

With the implementation like Mobile, Social, Analytics -> the WoW!! Factor gets created by the End User!! coz..they believe what they see. The same analogy does not completely go with the Cloud (though there are a lot of advantages which the IT Team, Operations and Business can feel it)

For an end user – it is always the USER EXPERIENCE!! – whether the underlying platform is on-premise or cloud – never-mind!!

Please do share your thoughts and comments!!

Nice Read Articles :

Happy Reading 🙂

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Cloud Humor!! :-)



Image Source :

Just for fun!! – no offense meant 🙂

Google App Engine / Java Bookmarks!!

Whenever we start learning a new topic – it always becomes troublesome – where to start and what to follow. Here are some of the links – that I referred to when I started learning Google App Engine / Java. Please do correct me and help me enrich the bookmark list – if you have any additional info/updates.

Google App Engine Bookmarks :

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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