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What’s a Top Priority Companies Should Have for Their Processes in 2018?

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There is an interesting discussion initiated by Peter Schooff

What’s a Top Priority Companies Should Have for Their Processes in 2018?

My Thoughts:

Top priorities w.r.t. processes:

  • Process [ Review-Revisit-Refine-Reuse-Robotize-Repeat ]→ (better) RoI
  • Envisaging processes as Customer Journey Maps (defining day-in-a-life of a user) than outlining and implementing individual requirement specific processes in silos
  • Developing Self-Healing Process capabilities (e.g.: if there is an exception in the process and has been addressed by the user manually in the past for 3 to 4times. We do not want the same issue to be resolved with manual intervention every time. Instead, a training dataset similar to a KeDB-known error database can be created to build intelligence/Predictive Analytics/ML and resolve the issues or take appropriate actions on the fly). Sample scenarios like claims adjudication, KYC process etc.
  • Decisioning driven processes – ‘Persona’ driven by enriching customer experience
  • Robotizing the processes and steps that demand monotonous, mundane & manual intensive tasks
  • Defining simple, dynamic & configurable processes (wherever applicable). e.g.: Standard processes that are updated based on the audit, regulatory and compliance adherence. If there is a loan origination process that has a 1 step approval and in future, there is a mandate for a 2step approval in the flow, it should not invite for complete SDLC – define-design-develop-test-build-deploy (as it will be a costly affair with the magnitude of change)

To summarize:

The “process” still remains the heart/pulse and the business & enterprise ecosystem. An inefficient or weak process design is enough to choke the arteries, give cramps or cardiac arrest  – hence a healthy & efficient process design with Customer Centricity as one of the key levers, should be of utmost priority for the Business. Else additional overhead costs will be incurred in maintaining the process by Process Doctors/Consultants.

ECG for any Business Process conceived or created is very critical:


E: Experience (w.r.t Customer)

C: Cost (Maintenance/ Development / Change Management)

G: Gap Analysis to keep the business rolling (where we are right now, what we strive to achieve, present vs future roadmap, technology disruption & adoption)


What’s a Top Priority Companies Should Have for Their Processes in 2018? What’s your take?

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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