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Is It a Mistake to Think Anyone Can Design Their Own #Process? #BPM

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Is It a Mistake to Think Anyone Can Design Their Own #Process? #BPM

There is an interesting discussion initiated by Peter Schooff

My Thoughts:

It’s like AnyBody Can Design/Develop (ABCD)

Off course no one’s stopping you to design a process. Its only What? where? when? why? who? and how? the #process is designed makes the difference.

Designing the process by anyone should never be misunderstood or understated as just a drag and drop done on a canvas leveraging the process design modeler that comes shipped with the BPM product stack.

Million Dollar Question: Will the program sponsor and the key delivery Stakeholders have a sound sleep and be rest assured with anyone designing a process? It’s not about the question of incapability instead the confidence and experience they bring in to deliver! Designing your own process is great![you can keep creating them as many as you can :-)] but if it is rolled out for an enterprise and a large customer base or end users – you cannot take chances as the foundation design principles and guidelines might get impacted/neglected and so will be the Enterprise Application Architecture to meet today and tomorrow’s enhancement demand and maintenance.

Business & IT should always complement each other in Enterprise playground with the prowess they bring in their respective fields. Else the situation will be like a soccer player with Cleats Shoe on one leg & a fancy Gumboots on the other
We cannot expect a program delivery to be limping.

What’s your take?? Any thoughts!

Happy Reading:-)

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