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What IT Development from 2015 Will Have the Biggest Impact on BPM?

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There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

MyPoV : What IT Development from 2015 Will Have the Biggest Impact on BPM?

Here is a quick BPM Roundup for 2015 – Impact, Learning & Takeaways:

In addition to constructive debate over designing better processes, process mining, structured/unstructured process, ACM/DCM (Adaptive/Dynamic Case Management), BPM vs Case Management, BPM Success Fail ratio, RoI, Dos/Don’ts, Good to Have/Must Have etc etc – which will continue for years to come, as long as we are rattling in the BPM space 🙂 – a few additions are :

  • BPM + (Nexus of Forces) – Matured
    • SMAC or the Nexus of Forces as termed by Gartner were definitely some of the key highlights of 2015 from an in-depth Product Offering, implementation across different industry verticals & importantly Case Studies. The terms which were mere buzz words or myths earlier, became reality and maturity was showcased in terms great customer stories.
      • Social : Organizations have opened up with the adoption of SOCIAL and leveraging it for better customer experience inline with strategy/vision
      • Mobility : This is no more a Good to Have. In has become a MUST HAVE in most cases. Nice to see offering on Hybrid and Native App capabilities by Vendors
      • Analytics : Better Maturity in terms of Decision Strategy and Next Best Action. Real time usage of BigData & events
      • Cloud : Breaking the barrier of security and data concerns and welcoming Cloud (BPM PaaS)Adoption across Financial, Government and Healthcare industries (where we had hiccups earlier concerning security)
  • BPM + (Better CX/UX)
    • Stress and Focus on better UI, UX and CX – nextGenUI  (this has always been and will always continue to be in the top of the list for years to come)
    • Good to see some of the vendors offering the nextGen UIs & Omni-channel experience. Coming out of the traditional boundaries and building a UI with the limitations/offerings of the BPM stack.
  • BPM + (Device & Wearables)/IoT
    • Google Glass, iBeacons, Drones, wearables etc. to name a few stole the show in a few BPM events with a great pitch
    • This will be a never ending exercise with new devices getting mushroomed every day 🙂
    • Baby steps like there will definitely harness technology, build confidence and create a roadmap for envisioning the Connected Cars/M2M/Smart Homes etc.
  • BPM + (Contact Center Modernization [CRM]) – BPM Enabled BPO
    • This year also marked a lot of showcase and offerings on making the Contact Center Journey Better, Richer and Flexible
    • A BPM enabled Customer centric process development approach – overcoming the boundaries of traditional CRM offerings
  • BPM + (Apps Market)
    • Major BPM Vendors shifting focus on Process Apps and defining an App Market Strategy
    • Interesting to watch-out in future
  • BPM + (Digitalization)
    • Foundation for the Digital Journey has been set (BPM Reborn Digital)
    • Everyone has an interesting perspective about Digitization at this point in time (thinking beyond boundaries) and will definitely mature over time
    • Many interesting initiatives across the industries for enhancing Customer Experience with a Digital touch
  • BPM + (Open Source Stack)
    • There has been great interest in customers for evaluating and adopting Open Source BPM Stacks for enterprise needs(which was comparatively less in the past). This is great step forward.
    • No more a “Nay” for Open Source BPM Stacks at enterprise scale. Good to see enterprises evaluating it.
  • BPM + (Automation)
    • BPM and Automation have always been prevalent(in bits and pieces) and had a great impact on business in streamlining it and avoiding monotonous/redundant activities
    • It is getting wrapped with Data, analytics, Machine Learning, rich algorithms built by Data Scientists etc. as Robotic Automation or Cognitive Computing
    • Year 2015, just had a preview/trailer of it – hope there is lot more in store in 2016
  • BPM + (APIs or Microservices)
    • 2015 also witnessed the rapid adoption of APIs (APIfication of Business)
    • This will be helpful for an enterprise scale BPM implementation where in the data parsing, transformation or conversion can be offloaded to the API layer (reducing the load on BPM)
    • Additionally this will a great step for building Market App propositions and building omni channel experience.
  • BPM + (Innovation & Disruptive Technologies)
    • Focus on disruptive technologies without getting disrupted
    • In addition, Design Thinking, Continuous Delivery, DevOps etc.
    • Based on the grounds covered this year, More to witness in the year ahead
    • This will be an interesting space to watch-out!!
  • BPM + (Zero Code / Low Code)
    • This year also embarked a buzz of Zero Code BPM as the future and Lean BPM
    • Personally speaking – did not see much impact and noise on this proposition. Zero code BPM is a hypothetical state. In real time scenarios dealing with dynamic requirements, customers and scenarios – Zero Code is very hard to achieve. We also come across customization and tailoring of features to meet the customer requirements.
    • Looking forward to see some real customer stories and what this proposition has to offer in the year ahead

On a lighter note :

  • we will see the Size of Product Installable Dump getting increased by few Gigs(gb) next year. This has been the reality in the past and is something we will keep witnessing in years to come – with no questions asked 🙂

Please do correct me with your inputs and do share your point of view on the incredible Technology Journey we had this year and what in your opinion were the key takeaways, trend-setter and foundation stone for the years to come in the BPM Space.

Looking forwards to play around with some great innovation, disruptive technology and learning in the year ahead than getting disrupted!! 🙂

Happy Learning 🙂

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