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What Are Your BPM Predictions for 2016?

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There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

MyPoV : Thinking loud on the Predictions for BPM 2016:

  • MUST HAVE : BETTER BPM – an understanding & setting principles right
    • define, design & develop better processes
  • BPM + Better Customer Experience Strategies and Innovations
  • BPM + Real-Time Analytics
    • been there in 2015 list – but still think it has to be harnessed and leveraged in a better way
  • BPM & DevOps
    • automation, continuous integration, release management and provisioning made easy
  • BPM & IoT
    • better strategies to exploit data and use it for improvising customer experience
  • BPM & APIs / Micro services
    • This will be an exercise not just for new applications but also for existing applications to visualize and identify services and reusable components that can be built leveraging a API / Microservices layer
    • Helpful for existing applications buried under multiple steps of custom codes or parsing logic or data transformation(request/response)
      • This can be offloaded to the API layer – based on eligibility criteria
  • BPM & Digital – BPM ReBorn Digital with Disruptive Technologies & Gadgets/Wearables
    • Digitization of Application enhancing Customer Experience.
    • It can be an amalgamation of all the trends and technologies
  • BPM & Machine Learning
    • Leveraging Robotic Automation Techniques
    • Very much helpful for upcoming and ongoing projects
    • Maintenance of an application with monotonous, manual and redundant steps is always a pain area

Whats your take ??  – What Are Your BPM Predictions for 2016?


Happy Reading!! 🙂

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