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Does It Still Make Sense to Capture The ‘As-Is’ of a Process?

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There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

In most cases “Yes”, unless it is a rip-and-replace kind of development with a all new business process and features, with no take aways from what was built in the past (totally tangential)

Understanding of the AS-IS process helps in:

  • getting better clarity why the system/application was built and what were the business objectives in mind
  • realization of benefits in terms of optimizations and other changes implemented as a part of the TO-BE state – helps in getting a feedback and efficiency factor – what we gained and what we lost
    • Operational Benefits, Efficiency, Performance, Process Optimization Stats in the journey from AS-IS –> TO-BE
  • reusability of the services , customizations and interfaces that were built in the AS-IS state
    • For building better and faster Go To Market (GTM) solutions it is important to understand-absorb-prioritize-replicate the components where we have succeeded in the past than re-inventing the wheel
    • This saves time, effort and revenue
  • a reference source for any issues or blockers
    • the AS-IS process is something that has been proved and has been through the entire journey till PROD
    • With a heads up on the AS-IS state of the process – it helps us take precautionary measures or take resolution steps for any similar issue witnessed in the past (considering the AS-IS process was working perfectly fine in the same environment -and has already been proved correct and stable)

It is good to start fresh on a blank page and build everything from scratch, with no inference from the past AS-IS process.

But in an ideal realistic scenario : It is a tradeoff between Time | Effort | Revenue | GoTo Market needs | Investment of the Past

Whats your take ??  –Does It Still Make Sense to Capture The ‘As-Is’ of a Process?


Happy Reading!! 🙂

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