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Do You See #Business #Rules Playing a Bigger Role in #BPM in the Future?

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There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here


Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

Business rules have been and will still play a crucial role for any application implementation. Any application developed by leveraging the programming languages (C, C++, Java, .NET etc…) or packaged product stacks, the common scenario we always come across are IF THIS THEN WHAT (or If This Then That ITTT. These scenarios can be addressed via simple if else statements or nested conditions, or decision tables or decision trees or map tables or packaged BRMS solutions (with drag and drop of these features) etc.

Following are the key areas where BPM + BRMS (Business Rules) Duo can create a big impact :

  • Intelligent and Dynamic Routing (based on availability, skills, geo, roles etc)
  • Data Cleansing, Filtering and Refinement of Data for Analytics
    • Data Dump is good to have but is useless, if not filtered and not targeted with the right data set, for the right audience at the right time
    • Business Rules play an important role in this space
  • Decision Strategies, Analytics and Next Best Actions
  • Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing
  • Power to the Business – via Business Rules Delegation (Make and Reflect the changes at runtime clubbed with a approval process if required)

Whats your take ??  – Do You See Business Rules Playing a Bigger Role in BPM in the Future?

Happy Reading!! 🙂

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