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What Comes First: Metrics or #Process? #bpm

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There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

Interesting PoVs. Both Metrics and Process are very important factors for any business implementation.

But, I presume Process comes First. The reasons as follow:

  • Every system that is built and which is a candidate for improvement or refinement – was formerly built based on some process
  • Without any Process – it is tough to visualize any business or real time (day-to-day life) functionalities
  • The system built on Java, .NET, Mainframe or a ny obsolete technology –> can be a candidate for better development leveraging a tool (when we use our BPM glasses and think from a process flow standpoint)
    • But, not to forget, when the same process was built earlier – it must have been through a Process Cycle, Requirement Capture, Visualizing functionality, Implementation etc
  • If we are not happy with the Data Statistics,Metrics, Performance, KPIs emitted by the current process or system – we try improvising the process to tame it and serve better (based on feedback mechanism)

An Analogy:

  • Unless we start the ignition of the Car and set the Gear Box right – the car wont move forward
  • My Metrics for measurement can be to check the Speed/Mileage, Fuel Efficiency of the Car
  • But, in order to get the desired data, I need to undergo through a defined process for – Driving School training, Get a Driving License, Well versed with the steps to be performed – to start the vehicle or change the Gear, when to apply brakes etc…

“Process helps in realizing / visualizing a Business Functionality, but Metrics helps is enriching it and making it better”

A process need not be just a workflow defined and designed in a flow chart or modeler – it can be the set of steps an activities performed to achieve a business functionality. Yes these related steps -> can be a candidate of a structured/streamlined process when we put on put BPM Glasses and visualize it as a Process Flow

Process helps in Designing/Building a Business Functionality and Metrics helps it Adopting it!!

(I can build a process which has a screen rendering time of 10 minutes, which is right as per the PROCESS and functionality – but to be adopted by users with a response time less than 5 seconds(METRICS) – it has to be Modified/Enriched)

Whats your take ??  –  What Comes First: Metrics or Process?

Happy Reading!! 🙂


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