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What Are the Keys to a Long Lasting Process?

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There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

I would also like to iterate, Long-Lasting is a relative term – usefulness or importance depends upon the scenario.

For a Business which is Dynamic – A long lasting process act as a limitation with minimal scope for improvement. To meet the market demands and customer experience – a short lived but impactful process will suit the purpose. To summarize : For a Dynamic Business involving Rich Customer Experience and dealing with the latest trends in the market – Adaptable, Impactful and Flexible process is a necessity. If it is Long lasting process – it means Business is stagnant – Time for Change. Example : for a Contact Center kind of application, a long lasting process will be a demerit – as it needs to be addressed withing AHT(average handling time). It may be short and sweet but should serve the purpose

For Business following the Monotonous routine job/activities which wont change for years to come or limited customer experience or back end batch kind of activities (down stream jobs) or for operations where changing a process is like opening a PANDORA Box (involving multiple stake holders, historical records, multiple product stacks, high cascading effect) –> It can be continued with the Long Lasting process with hardly any change to the process, improvement or ways of working. Long Lasting processess are mostly found in : legacy kind of systems where availability of people with specific skillset and maintenance becomes dificult. It can be actually termed as “STILL LIVING WITH THE PROCESS” which finally ends up in a long running mode and ends up getting decommissioned.

On a lighter note, these days, it is tough to find a Long lasting process, with Agile and Scrum kind of approaches – even living with the same process in the Sprint 2 becomes difficult!! A process which survives from Sprint 1 to Sprint n can be termed as Long Lasting 🙂

Keys : Nature of Business | Kind of Process | Defined Age Limit for the Process | Flexible/Agility Factor | What’s Next for the Process | Surround Systems | Answer to the Iterative Question : Is the Process addressing all the business demands and we are happy ? If No – Skip Process

Whats your take ??  –  What Are the Keys to a Long Lasting Process?

Happy Reading!! 🙂

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