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Should BPM Be the Preferred Tool for General Application Development?

There is an interesting thread started by Peter Schooff @ BPM.COM Forum – click here

Some really nice thoughts and comments/links.

My Thoughts:

Undoubtedly BPM provides a lot of features and functionalities in addition to bridging the gap between the IT & Business stakeholders. Having said that, BPM is not the remedial solution for every business challenge and problem statement. At times using a BPM product stack might be an overkill and costly affair – by not justifying/complementing the key features for which the Product was purchased/acquired.

It is important to do a preliminary fitment assessment – Does BPM fulfill my requirements today and tomorrow? Based on the mapping and scorecard a decision call can be taken.

For example:

  • If the business requirements involves 5-10% of workflow implementation and mostly an approval process or STP -it will be an overkill to leverage BPM in this case.
  • If there a End User Experience defined as a strategy and the BPM workflow UI is a small piece of the entire Enterprise implementations involving multiple technologies – force fitting BPM UI look and feel will be a costly effort intensive affair.
  • It is also important to judge it from a futuristic vision perspective – how much can be reaped leveraging the onboarded BPM stack.

Additionally, for General Application Development – as a developer it is important to work in a free ground than living with the boundaries defined by the product. It is also unfair to expect every odd feature to be available in a BPM stack that works on drag-n-drop feature. With new technologies and coding languages mushrooming everyday in the wild.

It is important to leverage them for better/faster implementation and speedy Go To Market solutions.

With the technology landscape and offerings going flat and open everyday – there is no point living in a closed box provided by an Enterprise Product and expecting to be glorified by technology, with the chunks/packets of out of the Box features, hot-fixes and upgrades provided through a small opening in the Enterprise Product Box.

To summarize :

  • Any application development platform adopted should be in line and complement the requirements targeted in the enterprise.
  • It should provide an open platform to build Wrap-and-Renew solutions with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Finally, addressing today’s small problem with huge platform adoption should not become a maintenance nightmare/bottleneck tomorrow. Assessment is the Key.

Whats your take ??  –  Should BPM Be the Preferred Tool for General Application Development?

Happy Reading!! 🙂

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