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Exploring : Pega 7 Express

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Pega has rolled out a Beta Version of the Pega7 Express.(light weight and fast)

·         Pega 7 Express is the Pega 7 platform exposed in a way that allows people to effectively start using & building applications with zero formal training

·         One way of thinking : Pega Express is as an extension of the Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) requirements capture and high-level modelling capability.

·         With Pega Express, the information captured in the set of web-based wizards covers all the functional bases needed in order generate a fully-functioning business process application

Few Reference Links :

§  What is Pega 7 Express

§  Pega 7 Express – Overview

§  Pega 7 Express – Video

§  Pega 7 Express @ Pega World 2015

§  Is Express a train to a bigger audience for Pegasystems?

§  Pega 7 Express – Forum

§  Try Now – Pega 7 Express – 30 day trial – Get Access to the Pega Cloud Instance hosted on AWS

§  Pega 7 Express – FAQs

Currently am also exploring the features – will keep you posted.

Anyone interested can click the “Try Now” link to get a cloud instance access and play around with the offerings/features

MyPoV : This may be a step to increase the adoption of the product from the business and functional standpoint, considering the full-blown designer studio forced the Business Analysts and Functional stakeholders to learn & understand the product | which always demanded a steep learning curve

Happy Learning! 🙂


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