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How Facebook Does Storage ?

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Nice Read : How Facebook Does Storage ?

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A lot of data is stored on Facebook starting from personal info, posts, updates, photos and many more.

For a billion users accessing the application worldwide – definitely there needs to be a storage strategy, than just storing the info and files in a database.

Even accessing the files and age old photos from the profile becomes a costly business with multiple i/o calls and maintenance of data servers.

“ Keeping all photos is expensive,fast storage quickly becomes a waste of performance,requiring unnecessary power and cooling. “

 We can see a similar pattern in insurance/banking/healthcare industries with the documents, records, customer onboarding, service requests and many more.

Most of the time we try to deal with it by the Archival Process and specifying a Date Cut-Off strategy (documents/records beyond this date won’t be available and will be pushed to archived DB for reporting)

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