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Why #BPM should be Fun ?

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While browsing I just came across this statement in one of the articles “Why BPM Should be Fun ?”

My thoughts :

Why BPM should NOT be a Fun Journey/Game.

It’s basically the way we see it. On a lighter note, just because we deal with Business Groups, does not mean it should be a very serious scenario.

BPM is one of those journeys in the Enterprise landscape where we deal with each and every corner of the business, be it :

  • the user experience
  • process design
  • process modeling
  • end-to-end view of the business landscape/usecase
  • development
  • integration
  • testing
  • performance
  • feedback loop (with improvization)

It should be like a game, let’s say we are playing Level 2 of the Angry Birds, and we failed or lost it by few points to make it to the next level. The question is Do we stop there ? – I would be presume the answer as NO!! (We as humans always have the tendency to compete when challenged – the adrenaline rush)


The same scenario hold good for a BPM implementation too. In the first instance when we design/build a process, work does not stop there, we also need to manage a lot of factors, user experience, process optimization, performance metrics, response time, query normalization and many more. Thus it becomes a iterative and optimized business process with rich user experience similar to the different levels in a Game.

The other anlogy I can think of is, “BPM is like a Lego game“. Thing through, Spend some time, Play around and your New craft/toy is ready.

The same lego blocks can be arranged to create a mobile phone, a piggy bank or a military machinery etc. Same goes with the BPM journey as well.


The various components of the BPM stack the UI, Process, Integration, Database etc, should never be tightly coupled as a packaged solution (there should always a room to breathe and improvize).

If I am not mistaken BPM is one of those few areas in the Enterprise Business/IT landscapewhere we dont have some rigid steps that this is step 1 and this is step 2. We can always play around and make it better unless we are “BPM TOOL JOCKEYS” bound and limited by the tool boundaries and offerings.

Lastly, I have been playing and having FUN with BPM for the past 8+ years. How about you ? What’s your take ?

Happy Reading!! 🙂

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