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The Best Sites to Learn Programming

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Nice Bookmark – Learning List :
Online Courses Programming Books (Free)
JavaScript Code AcademyLearn StreetKhan Academy,Code CombatCode Avengers Eloquent JavaScriptJavaScript GuideSpeaking JavaScriptJS The Right WayOh My JS
HTML & CSS Code AcademyDon’t Fear The Internet,TutsplusLearn Layout,DashWeb Accessibility MozillaDive into HTML520 Things I LearnedHTML Dog,HTML & CSSHTML5 for DesignersDOM Enlightenment
jQuery Code Academy,TutsplusCode School jQuery FundamentalsLearn jQuery
Python Code AcademyGoogle,Learn StreetPython TutorIHeartPY Python for You and Me,  Dive into PythonLearn Python the Hard WayThink PythonPython for Fun,Tango with DjangoDjango
Ruby Code Academy,TryRubyCode Learn,RailscastsRubymonk,Learn Street Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby,Learn Ruby the Hard WayLearn to Program
PHP Code Academy PHP ProgrammingPractical PHP
Google Apps Script Getting StartedOffice HoursGoogle Scripts ExamplesLearning Apps Script
WordPress TreehouseWordPress TV
Linux & Shell Scripting Stanford.eduExplain Shell Conquer the Command Line
Node.js NodetutsNode School The Node Beginner BookMixu’s Node bookNode Up and Running,Mastering Node.js
Git (version control) Code SchoolGit ImmersionGitHub Training Pro GitLearn Git
Objective-C (iOS & Mac) Code SchoolStanfordiTunesU
Chrome Dev Tools Code SchoolDev Tools SecretChrome Dev Tools Tutorial
Go Programming in GoGo by Example,Learning Go
Java Learn JavaCoding Bat Programming in JavaO’Reilly Learning JavaThink JavaJava & CSJava for Python Devs
Android CourseraThe New BostonGoogle UniversityApp Development Essentials
D3 (data visualization) Data Visualization for the WebDashing D3D3 Tips & Tricks
Everything Else UdacityedX.orgCourseraUdemy$Lynda$Pluralsight$,Treehouse$Open Consortium
Original Reference Link :
Happy Learning!! 🙂

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