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A-Z – A Glossary of BPM features and terminologies

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A-Z – A Glossary of BPM features and terminologies

A – Activities, APIs, Ad-Hoc Processes, Ageing Reports, Assignment, Application, Agile, Audit Trail, Access Groups, Authentication, Authorization, Asynchronous Process, Agents, Analysis, Analytics

B – BPM(Business Process Management), BRMS(Business Rules Management System), BPR(Business Process Re-engineering), BPI(Business Process Improvement), BPEL(Business Process Execution Language), Business Analytics, Business Intelligence(BI), Batch Process, BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation)

C – Case Management, Charts, Class Structure, Case, Continuous Process Improvement, Customer Resource Management(CRM),  Common Collaborative Tools, Core Business Process, Content Management, CMIS Compliant Systems, Connectors, CSS3, Customization, Compliance, Cloud, Circumstance, Correspondence, Skill Based Routing, Calendar

D – Design, Define, Develop, Dashboard, Data, Database, Decision Management, Decision Tree, Decision Table, Data Warehouse, DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) , Document Management, Deployment

E – Exception Path, Escalate to Manager, External Systems, Efficiency, EAI(Enterprise Application Integration), ERPs, Event Management, Export

F – Feedback Management System, Frameworks, Fork, Flow, Flow Chart

G – Gap Analysis

H – Hash Maps, Histogram Charts, HTML5

I – Instance, Integration, Interfaces, Import, Index

J – Java, J2EE, JOIN

K – Key Value Pain, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Knowledge Management, Keystore

L – List View Reports, Legacy systems, Lean Process, Logging, LDAP, Listeners

M – Model, Monitor, Measure, Modernization, Map Rules, Middleware, Methodology, Model Driven Architecture, Migration, Mobile, Message

N – .NET, Nodes

O – Orchestration, Output, Object Oriented, Operators, Organizations, Object Oriented

P – Process, Portal,Performance, Packaged Application, Parallel Process, Process Engine, PaaS, Pagination, Predictive Model

Q – Queries, Queues, Quality Assessment

R – Rules, Re-assignment, Reports, REST Services, Responsive User Interface, Routing, Reusable components, Rollback, Request, Response

S – Service Level Agreement (SLA), Summary View Reports, Services, SCRUM, Servers, Security, SSO, SaaS, Scorecards, SOAP, Sub Process, Swim-lanes, Synchronous Process, System Administrator, SOA(Service Oriented Architecture), Simulation, Social, Strategy, Stencil

T – Transformation, Tools, Testing, Throughput Reports, Transactions, Task, Templates

U – User Interface(UI), Use Case, UML (Unified Modelling Language), UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration), Upgrade

V – Value, Verify, Validate

W – Worklist/Workbasket/Work Object, Wizards, Web Services, When-Rule, Waterfall, Workflow, Warning, Work Parties

X – XML (eXtented Markup Language)

YYou” (the BPM Developer) 🙂

Z – Zero Code, Zero Quality Control


Please do share your thoughts and comments if I have missed out any.

Happy Reading!! 🙂



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