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PermGen Issue after installing Pega in Tomcat

have you been haunted by the “PermGen” Issue after installing Pega in Tomcat ?



It really haunted me for 2 days!!…

  • The PRPC Rules were perfectly istalled in the Pega Rules DB(Oracle)
  • The prweb.war was successfully imported to Tomcat
  • The service was started flawlessly
  • But after launching the Developer Portal(http://localhost:9090/prweb/PRservlet) and accessing a few flows and activities…the sytem just hung up and it freezed!!…Boom!!…I get a message “PermGen Error….Memory leak Issue “

Think of a situation, you have already built and configured workflows and activities – and just when you hit the save button…you get this scary message!!

The worse part was, I had to restart the Tomcat server every 15 minutes!!

Now having talked about the problem statement – how to come over it ??

I will just outline some of the steps that I followed and it really helped me to keep my system UP and running for almost more than a week. I did not see this issue getting resurfaced.


Happy Debugging n Error Fixing!! 🙂


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