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PDC-2013 – Day-1 Summary

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Pegasystems the pioneer and the leader in the BPM & CRM arena, had its first ever Developers Conference in Hyderabad, India from October 27-28 2013. The venue was at Novotel Convention Center.

Punch line for the event “THE POWER TO SIMPLIFY”

The Day-1, started  at 10:30am with everyone queueing up at the registration counter to collect their goodies and bags. With many desks and Pega folks assisting, the registration process was very fast and smooth.


Suman Reddy(MD Pegasystems India), kickstarted the event with a Welcome note “Welcome to the land of PRPC – Hyderabad!!”. The audiance which included techies, managers, practice heads, architects and business analysts from different vendor/partner companies responded with full enthu!!


The Day-1 was lined up with all the Keynote Sessions. 

The Grandmaster Alan Trefler (CEO & Chairman Pegasystems)  – started with the keynote session, talking a brief about the history and the transformation the enterprise and the product went through for a model driven development. Also shared some interesting thoughts and stories when the company(Pegasystems) itself completed 30+ years of its existance and rolling everyday with new features n innovation. Kudos to the company!!.


2013-10-27 15.00.04

The Sessions, followed up with Mike Pyle joining Alan and talking about the Future of Technology.

There was a slide presented with the list of all Pega customers, seemed everyday the font size of the customer logos reduces in size to accomodate all the customer list in one ppt slide. 🙂

Kerim Akgonul,  the main force behind the Pega development spoke in length about capabilities in new Pega 7 around Security, Data Management, User experience, Case Management and many more. Very neatly, he summarized the features that actually drive an enterprise solution (which are the tenets of Pega7) :

  • Think like the business does
  • World class ux
  • Simplify n accelerate
  • Data Mgmt

The demonstrations that were done along with the presentation were very live be it on an iPad or a Mobile device. No pre recorded demos – which was just awesome.


Image source

Rachna Bahadur (MD JP Morgan Chase) presented a view point and thoughts from an end user and customer perspective. And how, they leveraged the product in most of their processes to reduce the time to a greater extent than it used to be earlier. Liked the perspective she gave regarding the CoE every organizations has, and how they need to be organized and focussed.

The drivers behind a CoE are :

  • focus on cust experience
  • code reuse
  • ways to improve bpm maturity
  • work completion in silos not at enerprise level


The last keynote session was presented by Dr. Rob Walker. He presented some really nice story line that push organizations to follow the analyical way of approaching a solution.


Somes notes :

  • Average, assumptions and guess cannot be used as a key to differentiate the customer’s behavior…it has to be justified.
  • Predictive Analytics is the way to go – Define Design Develop and Decide. 
  • Predictive Analytics is the future of business. You dont have to speak, let your data do all the talking
  • Data Prediction Decision Process – (DP) square – Building blocks for differentiator engagement.

More details and recordings of the keynotes

The Day-1 sessions left us with some glimpse of great features, look and feel . the all new bricks(loading/progress image) and many more of Pega7. As a developer, the first thing that striked is…..”WoW”…… an eagerness like a child inside ever developer!!…”How is it actually built”

The Day closed with the Technology Pavilion where Pega showcased all its horizaontal and Vertical Industry solutions followed by a DJ Nite and dinner. It was a pleasure to see the Grandmaster dancing to the Bollywood numbers with the Rock band.


Picture courtesy Nikhil Desai (twitter)


From a personalperspective what I felt :

  • a forum to understand where the indusry is focusing and moving forward
  • should happen every year as an annual event to unite, collaborate, learn and hav fun 🙂
  • an event where people understand the language you speak
  • it was all about learning, networking and reuniting old pals, colleagues and friends
  • good to see and share thoughts how others feel about the product you work
  • add a face to the people you have in the linkedin network
  • bring out all the childish, crazy questions you always wanted to know about the product – its strong areas or loopholes
  • a platform to bring out the questions you felt –“naah the other BPM product has it”….or bring out the thought you always had in mind as a developer “crap…why the hell they dont have this feature….ooh man”
  • back to school or college kind of feeling – where you keep on taking running notes or follow the technical trend of “twitter” – micro blogging

Day -2 Deepdive storyline on the Data Management and Integration Session.

……to be continued!!

Please do share your thoughts and inputs on the session – if you attended and i missed out to mention it in my blog 🙂

Happy Reading!! 🙂


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