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Architecture at a glance!!

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Nice start to the weekend, exploring some of the finest Architectures in recent times :

  1. Flickr Architecture
  2. Facebook Architecture
  3. Youtube Architecture
  4. The Tumblr Architecture Yahoo Bought For A Cool Billion Dollars

  5. Tumblr Architecture – 15 Billion Page Views A Month And Harder To Scale Than Twitter
  6. Amazon Architecture
  7. Scaling Twitter: Making Twitter 10000 Percent Faster

  8. The Instagram Architecture Facebook Bought For A Cool Billion Dollars
  9. Instagram Architecture: 14 Million Users, Terabytes Of Photos, 100s Of Instances, Dozens Of Technologies
  10. Google Architecture

  11. Google Talk Architecture
  12. Pinterest Architecture Update – 18 Million Visitors, 10x Growth,12 Employees, 410 TB Of Data

  13. TripAdvisor Architecture – 40M Visitors, 200M Dynamic Page Views, 30TB Data
  14. Stackoverflow Architecture
  15. Linkedin Architecture

All time Favourites Link

Happy Architecting!! 🙂


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