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The State of DevOps (by PuppetLabs)

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The State of DevOps (by PuppetLabs)

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Puppet Labs just published the 2013 State of DevOps Report.  They surveyed over 4,000 IT practitioners to get this report and I think it is an excellent snapshot in time of the current state of DevOps. I encourage all DevOps peeps (to use a technical term) to review this report. That being said, it is a sample (a good one), and the ‘state’ of DevOps varies considerably from industry to industry and by geography and technology.

Some key findings (reproduced here without editing from PuppetLabs’ site):

Key Findings

  • DevOps adoption is accelerating. Sixty-three percent of respondents have implemented DevOps practices, compared to 50 percent in 2011—a 26 percent increase in DevOps adoption rate.
  • DevOps offers increased agility and reliability. Respondents from organizations that had implemented DevOps reported benefits in staggering numbers: More frequent software releases and improved software deployment quality were both reported by 63…

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