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Loved the storyline…and a very clear message to think “What’s the Bottom-line” when we talk about BPM and Mobility.
As Ian Gotts has nicely put in one of the comments “mobile means “mobility” not a device” – very true indeed!!

Successful Workplace

It must have been around a decade ago when I first received a ‘text alert’ from a bank on my mobile phone. My bank had let me register my mobile phone number with them for this and once they activated it, I started receiving text alerts after every credit card transaction I made.

Today, I still receive these alerts, but I also have an ‘app’ the bank has additionally given me, from which I can do a lot of things – check balances, look up nearest ATMs, transfer money, make utility payments and so on. It is all so cool.

Not just consumers

Things have changed at work too. To be honest none of this anywhere close to what is really possible today with mobile devices, but I can now approve travel requests someone from my team raises, approve expenses, leave requests, etc. without having to log into a portal and…

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