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P2P (Person to Person) is definitely the call of the hour, contradictory to the B2B and the B2C approach the organizations were following till date. Very nice and crisp note!! – Pritiman

IT :: redux

There’s a lot of chatter (pun) about Salesforce, Dreamforce and Benioff’s vision of the ‘connected enterprise’. Most of the themes emerging which have been discussed before are how trust will drive the new social economy. An interesting article from Ray at Constellation states that there are 5 simple rules for the social/ connected enterprise:

  1. Trust is the new social currency. Trust drives influence, engagement, and relationships.
  2. Social is a cultural shift. Social is not a fad.
  3. Building community is the goal. People and organizations seek a sense of belonging.
  4. P2P is today’s reality. B2B and B2C are dead.
  5. Social business is just good business. Business cannot be conducted without relationships. Social business will be omniscient.

What’s missing to drive this paradigm is the transparency of the engagement and connection. Living in a cynical world you’ll begin to question just why businesses are being friendly and socialising with you. It’s at…

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