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Making Sense from BigData

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The buzzword “bigdata” is very much in the air and is the most talked about topic these days. So the elements driving it also becomes very important.

As Albert Einstein has very rightly quoted

“Any Fool can know…..but the point is to understand”

The same quote also holds good for the concept driving Big Data which deals with variety and volume of data, that is unstructured and flows at different velocities. But now the question is “How do we make sense from this huge data dump“.

“Data without a sound approach would be as good as a Noise”

Here is an approach to make sense from the data dump and use it as on opportunity to serve business better :

  • Look : i.e. Searching,
    • finding for some interesting stuff in the big data stack
  • Listen : i.eMachine Learning,
    • figuring out what is important and what is not or classify & cluster the data
  • Learn :  i.e. Information Extraction,
    • getting necessary, useful and important facts from the data
  • Connect : i.e. Reasoning,
    • putting different facts together and find out a conclusion
  • Predict : i.e. Data Mining,
    • mining rules from the data to get some pattern
  • Correct : i.e. Optimization,
    • figuring out what is the right thing to do

Happy Learning!! 🙂



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