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Very true…the Jargons definitely make things very complicated and fail to convey the right message as to what BPM is all about. Rightly said, we need to have our thought process and discussion based on the audience we are talking to, than baffling him with tons of abbreviated terms.

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Over the last few days I’ve had a number of conversations with professionals, clients and vendors concerned about the amount of jargon and acronyms being thrown around in the Business Process Management industry today. BPM, BPMS, BPMN, BPN, iBPMS, BPA, BPR, IBO, Simulation, Social BPM, Cloud BPM, Operational Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Process Mining, Process Discovery, Human-Centric, Accelerators, Adaptive Case, Dynamic Case, Repositories, Suppositories……the list goes ever on.

Two words have emerged constantly from feedback received; simplification and education. I had a 2am iPhone email conversation with someone over Christmas one year who was struggling to see the value of BPM for her organisation because no-one she talked to for over 6 months gave her a straight answer. She was met with either jargon or a sales pitch. Now this poses a problem for us in general because it seems we have been preoccupied with the technical…

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