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Analogy : Traditional Software Architecture vs BPM

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In garage every mechanic specialize only in one type of car so it does not matter what you want to repair you always have to wait for a mechanic who knows your type of car; if he/she is sick or on holiday you cannot repair your car at all

The Issues that we face in this case are :

  • No Agility to repair your car even for trivial tasks
  • A Process that is duplicative and inefficient
  • Costly to operate and maintain – keep many people
The above scenario can be very much related to the Traditional Approach of building an application where every member is proficient in the module he/she works (be it presentation serives, business objects, rules or database updates). Its only the Business Analyst and the person managing the project who has the holistic view of the Application(end-to-end).

In a Service Oriented or Process Oriented Approach(the one followed in a BPM implementation), the mechanic does job himself or asks other mechanics to take care of tasks he is not capable to do. You ask any mechanic in a garage to repair your car – model of your car does not matter.

The Advantages of a Process Oriented Approach :

  • Agility to repair cars quickly (next available mechanic takes care)
  • A Process that is efficient
  • Cost effective to operate and maintain

If we compare the above scenario, with a BPM Approach of implementation, every developer, integrator, tester or the business analyst has a end-to-end knowledge of the application and at the same time, every party understands what the other person is tying to speak, rather than everone just working in silos modules of the application.

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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