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Key BPM Blogs / Bloggers!!

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Have been posting and following blogs on BPM along with few other technological topics for close to a year now!!

Here is a handy list of Key BPM Blogs / Bloggers have been following in the recent Past :

Adam Deane has created a list of some eminent BPM Bloggers around the world – Click Here (am pleased to be a part of the list)

Gary Comerford has also put together a list of “Ten BPM Blogs You Should be Following

Few more Lists :

If you come across any interesting blog or site on BPM, please feel free to suggest and leave a comment!! 🙂

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Happy Blogging !! 🙂



  1. brunobarrios says:

    I would like to introduce BPMVision: . translate to your language! Cya!

  2. pradeep says:

    I would like introduce, which is a blog based on IBM BPM. The main aim of this blog is to help all those around the world with some useful code examples.

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