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Nice to see the Who’s Who list of the prominent BPM figures!!
Have been following most of the people via tweets and got connected via Linkedin. Good to see their Videos.
Thanks Adam Sir for the Collection

Adam Deane

After you’ve read some of their BPM Blogs or followed some of their Tweets, you’re probably wondering what they look like…

I spent the last few days thinking and rethinking whether to publish this post or not.
Publishing a person’s picture or video is a bit different than blogging about them. It’s more personal.
Although these videos appear in YouTube, if anyone in the videos below feels uncomfortable with the video (or the choice of video) – please send me a quick line or tweet, and I’ll remove it immediately and apologise.

Google is a great search engine, but if I’ve missed anyone – please send me a note too.

So here are some videos of the BPM industry leaders, (well dressed, serious, and on their best behaviour) explaining about their companies and work.

Bruce Silver – BPMessentials

Chris Adams – Ultimus

Clay Richardson – Forrester

Connie Moore –…

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