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Awesome blog and topic by Adam Sir | Was always used to seeing RoI, Benefits etc etc as a part of Case Study details talking about the good ole customer stories and wows!! 🙂
Very practical and realistic content.

Adam Deane

BPM Case StudyI love reading case studies.
Case studies are ever so positive.
We came We saw. We conquered.

The customer loved the solution. The customer reaped huge ROI.
The project was delivered under time, under budget.
The customer gave his consent for you to marry his daughter,
and everyone lived happily ever after.

So instead… I’ve decided to write a few anti-casestudies
Unfabulous projects that I’ve seen over the years. I think it’s more interesting…

Case Study 1: Bypassing the IT
It all started out nicely.
The customer had seen the solution, was impressed, and was looking to close the deal quickly. Their business team was a powerful department, with their own budget.
All that was needed was a tick in the box from the IT department.

I knew the customer had a hidden agenda. I just didn’t know what it was…

I managed to find out that they already had…

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