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Fancy IT Terms!!

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With IT and Software companies, its not just the Code, Application or  Enterprise changes. Even at times it affects the language and the communication, with the techno-lingual business terms that are thrown as a part of discussion!!

Its very interesting, and believe me there words are so catchy, that it resides in some corner of the mind and flashes out in most of the discussions!! 🙂

Greenfield Project!! :

  • A project that is started from SCRATCH, and has NO constraints as such.
  • It provides a lot of freedom and exposure to experiment, learn and evolve
  • Very interesting, and can craft it without any hinderance or dependency
  • Focus should be to showcase and educate the Customers with the base foundation setup, features,  pro-active involvement and suggestions
  • The Analogy comes from the Construction in a Greenfield where we do not need to re-model, demolist or reconstruct any existing structure
  • For more references :

Examples of Greenfield Projects

  • Building a new Supply Chain solution from the ground up
  • Implementing a new rules engine for a company from the ground up.
  • Rewriting and designing a New Application using BPM but not utilizing any of the old code other than for business rule reference
  • Legacy Modernization Projects (Mainframe –> Latest Technology Solution)
  • A new start-up company wants application ABC to be Built. Application X has never been built before, therefore Application ABC is a greeenfield endeavor

Brownfield Project!! :

  • Development and deployment of new software systems in the immediate presence of existing (legacy) software applications/systems.
  • Happens when business decide to develop/improve upon an existing application infrastructure.
  • Upgrade of existing Application or Solution
  • Previously created and contaminated code by poor practices, structure, and design has the potential to be revived through comprehensive and directed re-factoring
  • Enhancement Projects
  • For more references :

Examples of Brownfield Projects

  • Adding new features and enhancements to the application that was developed last year
  • Changing the functionality of the code to boost the performance of an application
  • Upgrading the codebase to expand the functionality of the application
Thinking Loud!!
  • From my limited personal experience of 6 odd years in IT, have worked in both kinds of Projects. Definitely from a Business and Revenue standpoint both are considered at par.
  • As highlighted, its not always the case in real-time that in a Greenfield Project we do not deal with Legacy Systems and old code. We sometimes end up doing it.
  • Similarly, the Re-factoring and Enhancements of code in a Brownfield Project, is not just based on the structure, design  and poor practice of the code. Its basically the Business that drives it as per needs and feedback!!
Boutique Software Firms :
  • The first time I heard this, burst out laughing. But, hearing the same over and again in some of the Customer, Product, Sales and Business Meets got used to it!!.
  • The analogy goes with the Boutique Stores in the market.
  • As it literally defined as “A small retail shop that specializes in gifts, fashionable clothes, accessories, or food, for example. and A small shop located within a large department store or supermarket”
  • Same goes, of we compare it from a Software firm perspective.
  • “A small software firm that specializes in BPM, CRM, SAP or BI and analytics for example and is a small company within an IT Park “
Please do share some Fancy IT Terms and Jargon you have come across in your day-to-day life!! 🙂


Happy Learning!! 🙂


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