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“Social BPM – Can BPM act as the spine to the face of Social Media?”


When the Web1.0 generation moved to Web2.0, emails made way for podcasts, websites for RSS feeds, shared workspaces for wikis, instant messaging for mash ups, instant updates for tweets, and the enterprise directory for bookmarks.

Technology has leapt forward to make the internet a “Happening Social Space”.

Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach about identifying, defining, executing, controlling, monitoring, improving, optimizing and governing business processes in an organization. BPM, which was earlier restricted only to workflows has broken barriers to come closer to us, whether it be starting the day with the morning newspaper, travelling by flight on business, the work in the office, the afternoon lunch in a restaurant, the evening shopping at a retail market, or the swiping of the credit card for fine dining — each of these industries demand a process.

The world has gone “Global n Social”. Customers today demand a speedy response to their requests and want the companies to customize the services to their needs.

Social BPM Defined

“Social BPM” is a concept that describes collaboratively designed and iterated processes. The term is synonymous with “socially enabled processes”. These socially enabled processes mimic the way that work is performed from a “doer” perspective (end-user) and experienced from a “receiver” perspective to harness the power of continuous collaboration.

Social BPM resides at the intersection of processes and the collaborative activity. The amalgamation of BPM and Social Media supplements human interaction at work by supporting social networking, collaboration and communication. Social Media augments the human actions for providing better visibility at work by supporting activities such as social networking, collaboration and communication. This brings BPM much closer to the end user and the customer (by expediting the responses when they interact with the business via social media channels).

Products in the Market

The products in the market that have brought together Social Media and the BPM/CRM products are:

Various Tenets of Social BPM

  • Transparency

    • Social BPM eliminate the barrier between BPM decision makers and the users affected by their decisions, creating a forum for communication that companies can leverage to change and improve business processes

  • Accountability

    • The direct interaction between the business and the end user, bridges the gap between them and the business becomes accountable for customer centricity

  • Adaptability

    • Constant collaboration between the business and the end user facilitates business process refinement and improvement meeting the needs of the customers

The implementation of Social BPM definitely demands an organizational focus and change. Moreover, as the volume of data via social media can be overwhelming, the business requires a system of filters and distillation to avoid performance-related issues.

Is Social BPM “New”?

No. Social BPM is just an enabler for faster processing and for a better visibility of the business process from an end-user/customer perspective. With the current trend where Social Media has gained so much momentum, BPM just provides the option to reduce the friction between the business and the end user by involving a wider audience in a short span of time.

In other words “Social BPM energizes and super-charges BPM

Is Social BPM a Mandate for the Enterprise?

Not necessarily. Every enterprise must decide on whether to adopt Social BPM based on the business objectives it is trying to achieve. Social BPM becomes very handy in situations where the social data needs to be exploited to reap better benefits targeted towards customer centricity. However, in some cases, the security concerns stop the enterprise from adopting and venturing into the Social BPM arena. So, every firm has to take a call based on the trade-off.

Footprint of Social BPM

Social Media impacts so many areas of a business: internal and external, public relations, marketing, sales, query management, performance quality, customer service, customer experience, complaint management, crisis and disaster management, shareholder communications, employee engagement, and so on. Consequently, it becomes difficult to identify which area should be targeted first. In addition, there is a proliferation of Social Media channels: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, foursquare, Socialcast, Yammer, and so on.

This is where organizations are guided by their business functionality implementations and customer centricity to decide the area to explore and the social channel to exploit.

Prediction for Social BPM

Analysts have predicted that by 2014, most of the users will migrate from PCs to other portable/mobile devices. Analysts at Gartner have also predicted that one Social Networking site will be dominant, and will be the source of information for the Insurance and Claims industries.

So, Social Media can actually be seen as “yet another input channel” that pours in all the rich information or data, which can be used to trigger a process flow and bring life to the business functionality.

Usecase for Implemntation of Social BPM in a real-time scenario!!


SocialBPM is a step towards using social networking technologies to collaborate and achieve customer satisfaction. Collaboration and awareness of what others in a community are doing are some of the benefits of a collision between BPM and Social Media.



  1. There are just too many companies out there that will not fully emprase social BPM because they do not want to be as open as needed.

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  4. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you, However I am encountering troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t know the reason why I can’t join it.
    Is there anybody else having the same RSS problems? Anyone that
    knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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