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Here is a Quick Snapshot of the Challenges faced in a BPM Implementation.

Adam Deane

BPM Projects - Problems & RisksKnowing the problems and risks that you may face in a BPM project – is half the battle.

From my experience, these are the 5 main problems and risks that give me grey hair.

Missing the Business Pain

The top reason for a BPM project “going cold” is missing the business pain.
Unlike IT projects, where creating an application with “lots of functionality” is enough, a BPM project must tackle and solve the main business pain.
If the finance department still needs to spend the same amount of time filling in “an electronic form” (instead of a paper form), or if the workflow hasn’t cut down the time it takes the sales team to approve a quote – the project will go cold.

Trying to use BPMS software for something it wasn’t designed for

The temptation to try to use the BPMS wizards to create a non-workflow application (like creating…

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