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BigData & Hadoop newbies – Bookmarks!!

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Here are a few bookmarks for gearing up with Bigdata and hadoop from a newbies standpoint :

  • Big Data University:It has  a very rich repository of course materials (targeted for a beginner)
  • O’Reilly Webcast: An Introduction to Hadoop
  • Hadoop & Bigdata
  • Intro to Hadoop (#nice)
  • Big Data in Real Time
  • Realtime Analytics for Big Data: A Facebook Case Study

Some Useful Links :

Please do share any useful links and posts that might be helpful!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂



  1. Very useful blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. […] referenece to my earlier post on “BigData & Hadoop newbies – Bookmarks!!“. Here are a few additional links for a complete Training plan for Hadoop. This looks […]

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