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The Age of Data!!

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Walking trough the history of the Computer or IT industry evolution the time that has passed by can be considered as different stages corresponding to some individual contributes that dominated the stage of time  :

Stage 1 : The IBM Era

  • The Money is in “HARDWARE” not software

Stage 2 : The Microsoft Era

  • The Money is in “SOFTWARE

Stage 3 : The Google Era

  • The  money is not in hardware or software it is in “DIFFERENTIATING

Stage 4 : The Facebook – Twitter Era

  • Software is not even differentiating but the value is in the “DATA

Now we are at a state where all these companies belonging to the different stages are competing with each other!!

So, its all about the best utilization of the “DATA” that will make a difference.

Good to see many companies geared up in exploiting Data and making it available for the best use and servicing the ed user !!

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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