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Service Case Manager!!

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In one of my earlier blogs ‘ just touch based on the concepts of the Case Management from a theoretical and generic standpoint.

Here ‘ will be extrapolating on those line from a scenario based enterprise implementation and the benefits that can be reaped out of it

From a Banking and Financial services perspective, the major role is played by the “services” and it occupies the bigger pie in the entire chart close to 40 %. The remaining 60% is divided across multiple heads.

By “services” here, we refer to the request handling, and the assistance provided to the customers be it for a Issue of a new credit card, address change or the loss of a debit card.

Each of these transactions between the “bank” and the end user or the “customer” can be considered as a service.

At a high level it looks quite simple and exciting but the challenges include the following :

  • when & how to send a request
  • expectation of the customer (which is not uniform so that it can be generalized)
  • Raising a New Request, following up , tracking and updating the response
  • sent a wrong form what to do now..
  • ..and many more

The worst part is, these transactions take place in huge volumes and the only expectation is to deliver the result or make the end user happy in a fraction of time.

Some of the scaryyyy things could be  :

  • damaging customer satisfaction
  • increases the operational load, risk and cost
  • threatening revenue generation

With the increase in the volume of transaction and an ocean of information the following items needs to be taken care of :

  • Poor Visibility
  • Service Inefficiency
  • Case Management

1) Poor Visibility :

In most cases, the customers contact the bank or customer care via different input channels.

Lets say Ms Nancy, called the customer care last week for the Issue of a new Credit Card and the Service Executive was Joe. But today when she contacts the Customer care via some other media, they start collecting the same info again. This actually results in testing the patience and increasing the frustration of the user.

Which might actually result in the loss of a User

Solution : As a resolution step, care should be taken for the consistancy of the data and differentiated services via multi channel synchronization

2) Service In efficiency :

As 40% of the transactions involves the Services, it actually becomes difficult on the part of the bank or the customer executive to cross-sell , up-sell or encourage the user to purchase new products offered by the bank.

Solution : To patch-up with this issue, a guided process and automation of the process is a mandate. And this will also give a boost to the faster responses, customer retention and successful outcomes.

3) Case Management & Skill based Routing :

Apart from the volume of transactions, the customer executive is flooded with numerous, complex, redundant and irrelevant forms. This actually results in the loss of the productivity and finally ends up dis-satisfying the end user

Solution : To overcome this issue, the manual effort in segregating things(similar cases) and assigning the right person with the right task,   Case Management and the skill based routing becomes very essential, as it saves a lot of time and gives a rise to the revenue numbers + customer satisfaction.

The benefits that can be drawn are :

  • multi channel processing
  • transparency and insight
  • consistency and accuacy
  • integrating seamlessly with other systems
  • timelines and productivity
  • flexibility and agility
  • smart routing
  • case management
  • 360 degree view of the customer (with all info at one place in the portal along with the historical transactions)
  • interaction with the customers via SMS, mail or Report sharing with automated responses – self service
  • reducing operation risk
  • gain client satisfaction and loyality.

Incorporating all the above features Pegasystems provides a Framework called “Service Case Manager – SCM” to facilitate all the best practices and help the end user to work seamlessly and more efficiently!!

“The Service Case Manager  SCM is basically an offering for the Financial Services Domain by Pegasystems.”

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Happy Learning!! 🙂


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