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Integrating PegaBPM with Twitter!!

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With the world screaming for Social Media and Social BPM and everyone trying to make their presence felt in the rat race. Here is just a Step forward towards SocialBPM.

As an aftermath of Reading the Social Media Handbook!!…Here is just a crazy integration that I was trying to work it out  – i.e Integrating Pega with Twitter. And was Successful in doing so!!

Recently uploaded the PegaBPM-Twitter Plugin in Pega Exchange (a repository of reusable componets)


Pega does not provide any out of the box feature to do so.

The features that are provided by this Plugin are :

  • Updating the Twitter Status with a Message (approx 140 characters long)
  • Searching for related “search contents” in Twitter and displaying all the Tweets
  • Sending Direct Messages to recipients individually – personal messages

It is very important to have a Business scenario defined, before exactly the handshake between the BPM Product and Social Media can be utilized to the max.

Here is a sample usecase representation :

Even Gartner has also mention in one of its Reports that, one of the Social Media would become a new input channels for insurance industries by 2014.

Similar features provided by Products in the Market :

Happy Learning 🙂



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