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“Error Message” popping up for a “Business User” in PROD Env!!

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System generated Error Messages or Exception pop-ups are very common in most of the packaged BPM Products.

These messages are of great help for Developers as they provide some really nice pointers for debugging the Issue and getting to the Root-Cause of the Error.

What will happen if the same Error Message gets popped up in a Production Environment for a Business User!!.

Not to miss the frustration would be at its peak!!..but most importantly some of the insider info and details might also get leaked because of these error messages and might pose as a big security risk.

So, care needs to be taken to customize or block the System Errors in PROD Env for the Business Users!!.

Pega PRPC provides various options and approaches to customize the error messages and configure them :

Suppressing the details of exception details (Java Exception Traceback)

  • Add the following line to the prconfig.xml file:
  • <env name=”initialization/displayexceptiontraceback” value=”false” />
  • Restart or redeploy the node to make the change effective.
  • The default state of the displayexceptiontraceback parameter is “true”, i.e when no configuration settings are mention for the same in the prconfig.xml

Customizing the Success & Exception Windows :

The following screens and the windows would be very common from an eye of a “Developer” :

Suppose we want to customize these screens as per some Business Implementation, then we can do so by tweaking the following Harness/Section Rules (i.e User Interface Screens)

  • Success Window : @baseclass.ActivityStatusSuccess Harness
  • Error Window : @baseclass.ActivityStatusError Harness

Activities to be tweaked :

  • Success Window :  @baseclass.ActivityStatusNoContentHandler
  • Error Window :  @baseclass.ActivityStatusExceptionHandler
  • Work-.ProblemFlowThrowException

For a few more Changes to the Exception and Error Screens please have a walkthrough of the following references:

It would be really nice to learn how the same scenarios are being handles in different BPM Products like Tibco, Lombardi, Oracle and many others..

Happy Learning 🙂


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