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“Angry Birds” & Enterprise Management!!

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We all must have seen or played the most popular game “Angry Birds” on our web Browser or Mobile phones.

Ever imagined viewing it(Angry Birds) with an eye of a Enterprise Analyst/Architect!!

Well, here is just an Analogy at a very high-level to “Gamify the entire Enterprise Management“(BPM/BRE/CRM/BI/Data Warehousing/Cloud Solution..etc).

Consider the Customer Relations Executive, Business Analyst, Developer, Customer and the Program Manager as the pigs(no pun intended) in the Angry Birds game, caged and encapsulated between walls!!

Each of these, parties work in silos without any bridge or communication between them. The neighbor does not know, whats cooking on the other side of the wall. From an enterprise perspective, if we see, it might look very organized and pattern oriented!!
But the question is – Is this what the alignment, the Business Needs subject to frequent dynamic changes ??

The answer is a big “NO“, hope you all will agree with me. These days Business has become so dynamic that everything needs to be automated and the changes needs to be incorporated at ease providing great room and flexibility for the Business to think loud!!
In a Nutshell, what we actually need is to collaborate the different User Parties within the Organization to Work Together as a family to meet the common goal of “Customer Satisfaction”

The question that arises now is how do we do achieve this ??
With the growing Technology Trend and the latest advancement in the field of Process Modernization and flexibility, there are many companies mushrooming with multiple Products like :

BPM Solution – To automate the WorkFlow which allows the Business Analyst and the Developer to work on the same Platform and understand each other better

CRM Solution – To bridge the gap between the Customer Service Representative and the End User, and reducing the Response Time for addressing an Issue.

Business Intelligence Solution – To help the Business reap the benefits of Analytics, Predictive Modeling and Statistics

Data Warehousing and Reporting Solution – To facilitate generation of customized on the fly Reports and easy storage/retrieval of Data

Cloud Solution – With the high-end Infra cost incurred in maintaining the Servers and systems in-house or in-premise which becomes a burden for the companies. Cloud solutions like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, RaaS are a few steps that comes as a sense of relief.

Each of these Birds that we fire, in the game can be compared to the different Technological Approach or the Solution we are adhering, to bring down/demolish the barriers and unite the different entities within the organization to work Closely!!

The Birds can be compared to the different Product Vendors mushrooming in the Market to help the Business & the IT work together collaboratively.

Here are a few snapshots for illustrating the same!! :

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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