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“BPM” Iceberg Syndrome!!

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Recently read one of the articles on BPM in “BPMTrends” and it was quite fascinating the way the analogy between BPM and the Iceberg Syndrome was described.

Icebergs typically only show about 10% of their mass above the water while the major 90% with uneven structure and the massive part is submerged beneath it.

Business Process Management is often like an “iceberg
The crowd or the people and organizations mostly eye on what is above the water and what looks pleasing and draw conclusion and interpretation from there on.

The interesting observation is that what appears above the surface depends upon the viewer’s perception.

For instance :

  • The Customer looks for the Business Requirement and Functionality Implementations
  • The Vendor looks for Technology above the surface;
  • The Process Analyst looks for the processes;
  • The Human Resources looks for change management and resourcing;
  • The IT  analyst looks for the technology implementation;
  • The Data analyst looks for the Data Modelling and Data Interpretations
  • The Business Management looks short term gains (quick wins), cost reductions and simple measures of improvement and better RoI; and
  • The Project Manager looks for short term completion of project tasks and the deliverables of the project.
  • The Infra Team looks for a better, cost effective and flexible  infrastucture solution;

We mostly glance over the “Perception” component paying no heed to the “Reality” factor which actually is the base foundation and need to to given due importance and addressed during implementation to reap better benefits.An excellent strategy is of no use unless it is well executed.

Quoting from the Article :

“Unless all the “reality” associated with a BPM implementation is addressed, the risk to the project increases. This “reality” needs not only to be addressed but also made visible to the organization. A ship could cruise very close to an iceberg on one side and not hit anything, and yet do the same on the other side and sink. The visibility of issues and activities is an important part of addressing them.”

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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